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You're working out, but it seems like you haven't been getting the results you expected. Is there any good way to solve it? Learn the following tricks to make your exercise more effective.

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Split exercise time

Split the usual exercise into two sections. For example, if you used to run 5 kilometers every day, you can split it into 2.5 kilometers in the morning and 2.5 kilometers in the evening. When the exercise time is shortened, you can try to increase the intensity so that you can increase the calorie consumption in the same distance.

  • Run once a day (30 minutes at a speed of 40 seconds/100 meters): 1356 joules
  • Run 2 times a day (15 minutes at 30 seconds/100 meters): 1528 joules

Walk with weight

Wearing a weight-bearing vest while sprinting can help you burn 10 percent more calories, says Kathy Stevens, a fitness trainer at Verders Center in California. The load-bearing vest can carry a maximum weight of about 36 kg. These load-bearing objects are in blocks and can be directly loaded into the pocket of the vest. A weight vest works better than sandbags on the legs or dumbbells on the hands, allowing the bodybuilder to control the body's position, Stevens said. To be on the safe side, don't carry more than 20 percent of your body weight. If you don't like this method of loading, you can also try holding two long poles in your hand. Although they weigh only 0.5 kg, they can help you burn 20-25% more calories without any side effects.

  • Calories consumed by brisk walking for 30 minutes: 883 joules
  • Calories consumed by wearing a weight-bearing vest and walking for 30 minutes: 971 joules
  • Calories consumed by walking with a long pole for 30 minutes: 1059 joules


Single leg exertion while cycling

When you work out on a scooter, intermittently pushing one leg harder can build up the intensity of the exercise. At the beginning, you can pedal with both legs at a moderate intensity for 4 minutes, then focus on the left leg and pedal with high intensity. After 30 seconds, switch to the right leg as the main force leg, and push for another 30 seconds. Then, pedal with both legs at a medium speed for 4 minutes as an adjustment and recovery. In this way, push hard on one leg for 1 minute every 4 minutes, for a total of 30 minutes of exercise. Such single-leg pedaling can help you burn 20 percent more calories, says Michael Yusef, fitness education manager at Chelsea Pearce Sports Center in New York.

  • Calories consumed by exercising on a scooter for 30 minutes: 950 joules
  • Calorie consumption for 30 minutes after interspersed with single-leg vigorous intervals: 1138 joules


Drinking water consumption

Neil Markey, spokesperson for USA Gymnastics, said: "If you just sit down and drink glass after glass of water, no matter how many glasses you drink, it won't help your metabolism. But if you exercise, the situation is different! When you exercise, the body When the metabolic rate of the body increases, the body will start to burn fat. At this time, the human body needs a lot of water to keep the temperature balanced, so we must drink plenty of water, preferably mineral water or boiled water.” Not only can effectively promote internal circulation, adjust the metabolism status , allowing you to experience the beauty of cleanliness inside and outside, and it can also resist harmful bacteria and increase beneficial bacteria, thereby promoting the health of the stomach. In this case, drinking water can allow you to consume 10% more calories.

Relaxed aerobic exercise

If you master the strong and weak rhythm in half an hour of aerobic exercise, then you can achieve twice the result with half the effort, that is, add a gentle recovery time between high-intensity exercise. It is also half an hour of aerobic exercise. This kind of rhythmic exercise consumes twice as many calories as the rhythmic exercise. Dr. Catherine Jackson, director of the Department of Kinesiology at California State University, pointed out: "If you do continuous high-intensity exercise, you will be exhausted soon, but intermittent rest and recovery can help you maintain this high level of intensity."

  • Calories burned on an elliptical machine for 30 minutes of steady exercise: 1222 joules
  • Calories consumed in 30 minutes of exercise with strong and weak rhythm: 2444 joules


Pay attention to posture

When you work out on a stepper, elliptical or treadmill, let your arms swing naturally, or lightly rest your hands on the handles of the machine superior. Allows you to burn 10% more calories. "When your body is on the handlebars, you're not doing as much work," he says.

  • Calories consumed by walking on the stepper and leaning on the handrail for 30 minutes: 732 joules
  • Calories consumed by exercising without leaning on the armrest for 30 minutes: 812 joules

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