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There are roughly two types of beer belly. One is the water-soft type that will produce water ripples if you pat it from the side of the belly. The second is that the accumulation of abdominal fat makes the stomach firm and hard. This kind of beer belly is mostly formed by the excessive accumulation of visceral fat, which is mainly related to energy intake and consumption. If energy intake is greater than energy expenditure, it will lead to obesity and fat accumulation, which is very harmful to health.

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1. Fat accumulation

Studies have confirmed that fat accumulation is mostly caused by improper diet or lack of physical exercise. Unrestrained eating of high-fat, high-calorie foods, and lack of exercise are the real causes.

2. Too much beer

A bottle of beer has the equivalent of two eggs. "Beer belly" is not directly related to drinking beer. It's just that many people regard beer as a beverage, and the consequence is that they drink too much if they are not careful. Pairing it with fried, grilled, high-fat, high-calorie side dishes, etc. is also the culprit of obesity.

3. Excessive pressure

Excessive stress is prone to anxiety, overeating, poor sleep quality and other problems, coupled with irregular work and rest time, the autonomic nervous system will be out of balance, the harder it is to burn fat, it will affect the blood circulation around the waist and abdomen.

4. Get used to hunchback

If the sitting posture, standing posture, and walking posture are not correct, it is easy to arch the back. When the back is arched, the lower abdomen will relax, the hips will sag, the center of gravity of the whole body will shift, and the pelvis will become skewed, resulting in muscle imbalance. protrude.

5. Constipation

Due to lack of exercise and insufficient dietary fiber, waste in the intestines accumulates and cannot be discharged, and the lower abdomen tends to bloat, resulting in low intestinal peristalsis and fat accumulation.

The dangers of a beer belly

Among men with beer bellies, 90% have fatty liver to varying degrees, more than 1/3 have hyperlipidemia, more than half have heart disease or diabetes, and more than 60% have hypertension. According to an article published in the British Journal of Cancer, abdominal obesity is positively correlated with the incidence of cancer in 18 parts of the human body, such as gastric cancer, colorectal cancer, liver cancer, and biliary tract cancer.

If you want to avoid these hazards, you can only adjust your living habits in time, find the incentives from the above reasons, and prescribe the right “medicine”.

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