Health smart watch

First of all, the most important point of heart rate monitoring is to allow you to grasp the intensity of exercise. Frequent monitoring of heartbeat during exercise allows for proper monitoring of physical recovery from group to group. For example, in the process of interval running, during the interval rest, the trainer must monitor the heartbeat index. When the heartbeat index drops below 120 beats/min, the next exercise can be performed to achieve a good stimulation effect.

The heartbeat is monitored at rest, which can be used as a reference for the strength of the pulse. For example, the system measures its own pulse rate before exercising, which can be used as the basic base for comparison with the pulse rate at other times.

That is to say, after exercising the previous day, when we get up in the morning on the second day, we monitor the heart rate, which can reflect the degree of physical fatigue and recovery. If it is almost the same as the basic base, it means that the body is recovering well. If the difference is more than three or five times or more than five or six times, it means that the fatigue has not recovered.

Long-term testing of the heartbeat index at rest can also reflect the quality and strength of the heartbeat function. If it gradually decreases. It shows that the function and function of the circulatory system are improving; if it gradually increases, it proves that the cardiovascular function is declining, reminding yourself that your recent inertia is too strong, and you should strengthen the self-discipline in action!