BP doctor watch:sleep monitor

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The traditional "gold standard" for recording sleep is polysomnography (PSG), which involves attaching patients to electroencephalogram (EEG) electrodes, electroophthalmogram (EOG) electrodes and chin electromyogram (EMG) electrodes.

However, certain groups of people, such as sickly and deranged nursing home patients, cannot tolerate the procedure.

Over the past 15 years, a new technology, wrist activity, has evolved to reduce the invasive monitoring of sleep and wakefulness.Wrist activity provides a way to quantify 24 hours of inactivity versus activity or sleep versus arousal.

In the past, sleep/awake activity in nursing home patients was usually determined by observations made at defined time intervals, in which large periods of time would not be observed and data would be lost, or for consecutive periods of time.In this case, they are labor intensive and allow patients no privacy.Observations were made on video;

However, patients wander from room to room and need to sit facing the camera, which is not a natural situation.

Wrist activity recorders allow continuous measurements of movement for days or weeks.

The use of wrist activity to distinguish between waking and sleep has been demonstrated in young and healthy older adults.

In general, the correlation of total sleep time is consistently higher than that of waking time.