Blood Pressure Watch

With the development of smart wearable devices, smart health monitoring has gradually entered people's field of vision, of which blood pressure watches are the most typical products. By monitoring consumers' blood pressure, consumers can instantly understand their own health status.

What is the function of a blood pressure watch? Can it really accurately measure the user's blood pressure data?

Since the launch of the smart blood pressure watch, it has attracted heated discussions from people from all walks of life. If the blood pressure watch appears, will the blood pressure monitor market be occupied. In fact, the inside of the blood pressure watch is equipped with red light and electrode sensors, which simultaneously collect PPG and ECG data, and obtain the time difference between blood from the heart to the limbs through scientific calculation, so as to obtain the blood pressure value of the human body. This measurement method is called the PPT principle. , is a measurement method generally recognized by the medical community.

In clinical medicine, patients will be required to wear a medical blood pressure wristband. Its functional principle is the same as that of a blood pressure watch, so the obtained blood pressure value is highly accurate, even more accurate than the blood pressure value measured by an ordinary blood pressure monitor. , users can use it with confidence.

The biggest feature of the blood pressure watch is not only the measurement of blood pressure to obtain data, but its "intelligence". Through cloud data statistics and analysis, consumers can check their own data through the dedicated APP of the blood pressure watch, and according to the user's blood pressure value Determine whether it is within the safe blood pressure range.

If the blood pressure data is abnormal, the blood pressure watch will give an early warning, bringing good news to patients with cardiovascular disease and greatly reducing health risks. Technology has changed life. The appearance of blood pressure watch makes consumers always have a "health guardian angel" by their side, which is a good choice for parents.

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