Smart watches

Smart watches have many functions, such as real-time positioning, scheduling, and providing detailed sports data analysis. The colorful and numerous dials are popular among young users. Children's smart watches are also loved by students and children because they provide functions such as learning, positioning, and real-time communication. Only the elderly do not have smart watches available.

In fact, the elderly need digital health tools with them. Heart rate warning, blood pressure measurement, health reminder, AI positioning, one-key help and other functions are extremely important to the elderly and family members.

A health watch is a smart watch tailored for the elderly. The elderly can wear it to detect important information such as heart rate and blood pressure, and predict their own situation. Family members can use the mobile APP to view the information of the health watch in real time, or use the watch's AI. The positioning function can easily find the location of the elderly, and can also remind the elderly through the two-way call function.