Smart watches

What's the characteristics of watch?If you are confused about it,reading the follow...

The clockwork kinetic energy indicator shows the tightness of the clockwork of the watch, similar to a car oil gauge. Long power watches are generally more than 72 hours, generally 7-10 days, and the longest is one month. Long-power watches have a large number of barrels or a very long mainspring. This function is more useful.

By the way, BP doctor watch Med 6 has the same appearance with this one.
Perpetual calendar watch The perpetual calendar is one of the three major complex technologies in watches and clocks, and it has a very mature design in the long-term pocket watch era. The basic principle of realizing the perpetual calendar is to design a 48-month gear (also called a 48-tooth program gear) according to the 4-year 48-month cycle of a leap year. 

The tourbillon is commonly known as "Ghost Pushing Mill". The tourbillon watch represents the highest level in the manufacturing process of mechanical watches. The entire escapement speed regulating mechanism is combined and can be rotated, and rotates continuously at a certain speed to make it pull the gravity of the earth. The impact on the "escapement system" in the mechanical watch is minimized, and the travel time accuracy is improved. Due to its unique operation mode, it has brought the dynamic artistic beauty of the clock to a peak, and has always been known as the "king of watches".