Best smart watch

Compared with general mechanical watches, smart watches are more flexible in design, so there are rectangular dials, such as Apple Watch, which uses a rectangular design. Taking OPPO Watch as an example, its dial is not only rectangular, but its screen is also hyperboloid, so in terms of appearance, it not only has a technological style, but also increases the trend and appearance of smart watches.

A rectangular dial can display more content than a round dial. For first-time smartwatch users, it's worth noting that the rectangular dial can display more content. From a design point of view, in the case of equal length and equal width, the area of ​​the rectangular dial will undoubtedly be larger than that of the circular dial.

In practical use, a design with a rectangular dial like OPPO Watch can better take into account the richness of functions and operability. When the finger calls the functions of the smart watch, the OPPO Watch is obviously more convenient to use, and the display of icons and text is more beautiful, while the smart watch with a circular design is slightly worse in terms of display content and operability. .Our current blood pressure watch has a round dial and a rectangular dial for everyone to choose from.

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