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BP Doctor smart watch provides information reminders. If you want to use this feature, follow the steps below to set it up.

1. Implement the basic requirements for message reminders

(1) Confirm that the App(Download HealthWear’s Guide) is running and connected to the device.

(2) Confirm that the App has set power consumption protection.

(3) Confirm that the App has set the self-starting permission, add the App to the self-starting, and lock the background of the mobile phone to lock the background of the application (some mobile phones are called whitelist for cleaning memory).

(4) Check whether the Do Not Disturb mode of the watch is turned on. When Do Not Disturb is turned on, a message reminder will not pop up.

(5) Make sure that there is an application message popping up in the notification bar of the mobile phone.

(6) Find the right to use notifications in the phone settings, and click to open it.

2. How to use information reminder

The watch supports receiving WeChat, SMS, QQ and other information reminders, please move to the APP to set.

(1) It is necessary to maintain the Bluetooth pairing connection between the watch and the mobile phone.

(2) When there are messages, you can view up to 5 recent messages.

(3) Long press the content of the message to delete the message (some models support this function).

smartwatch information push

If you cannot receive the message, please refer to the following help:

1. How to deal with the message reminders of FaceBook, twitter, Line, QQ, Wechat and other applications not displayed on the watch?

(1) Confirm that applications such as FaceBook, twitter, Line, QQ, and Wechat allow messages to be displayed on the notification bar and that the computer and mobile terminals cannot be used online at the same time.

(2) After closing the APP notification permission, reopen it.

(3) The watch is always connected to the phone, and the Bluetooth needs to be turned on all the time.

(4) The push reminder switch is turned on, and the relevant permissions of Android are turned on; the pairing request and message push popped up by iOS must be allowed.

(5) The Android phone is in a dormant state, and the background process cannot be closed. One-click memory cleaning and some housekeeping software may clean up the process or block it, please add the App to the whitelist.

(6) The watch needs to turn off the Do Not Disturb mode.

(7) Other points to note: Incoming call/SMS reminders need to enable permissions such as phone/contact/address book.

2. Can the number of vibrations for incoming call reminders be modified?

The number of vibrations for incoming call reminders cannot be modified.