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With all the benefits of exercise, it's really hard for people who don't have the habit of exercising to take the first step! Therefore, we hope to help you who want to exercise but have been unable to do so through the following points.

1. Identify the purpose of the exercise

Why do you want to start exercising? Do you want to be healthier or lose weight through exercise? Confirm the purpose of exercise, can let you in the next goal set, with the planning of the exercise plan can be closer to your ideal, and feel tired at the beginning of the exercise, want to give up, confirm the purpose of exercise, is the key to motivate yourself to stick to it!

2. Set goals

It is suggested to set up short-term and long-term goals separately. The long-term goals are usually "better health", "balance between mind and body", or to meet individual needs; A short term goal can be to achieve something within a certain (short) time frame. For example, I hope to find out the type of exercise that suits me within three months. Hope to lose 5kg in 6 months... And so on, are good targets.

However, for people who are not physically active in the first place, don't set too difficult a goal, such as running 10 km a day... Wait, the proposal wants step by step,otherwise,the exhaustion that ensues and frustration feel,can let a person gibe up very quickly,let oneself have motion habit first,adjust slowly again!

3. Diversify

Try different types of exercise (aerobic/anaerobic, indoor/outdoor) and avoid single activities. In addition to reducing the risk of exercise dependence, you can also avoid getting bored or having weather factors interfere with your ongoing exercise plan.

In particular, everyone's physical state is different, special conditions such as: pregnant women, spinal disease patients or less able to carry out moderate intensity exercise, can also consult a doctor to find out what exercise they can do. However, do not deliberately engage in a variety of sports and make yourself too tired, STRESSED, according to their own time, interests and preferences can be arranged!

4. Create an actionable plan

The world health organization recommends adults must be engaged in more than 150 minutes per week of moderate physical activity, therefore agreed to myself: "exercise five times a week, exercising 30 minutes at a time, every time after exercise to reach the level of hard but can still talk", with the goal set in personal status to adjust movement steps and plans.

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You can also set a schedule in your BP smart watch and implement it.What's more,wearing a BP smart watch will help you a lot to keep your healthy.

5. Take small steps

Happy to do exercise, do not cause psychological and physical burden is a very important factor whether to persevere, so it is recommended to start with light exercise, and then slowly increase the intensity of exercise, increase the sense of accomplishment, avoid losing the fun of exercise; At the same time, you can also increase the amount of exercise and activity in your daily life. For example, when taking public transportation, you can get off the bus one stop earlier to increase the walking time, or take the stairs instead of escalators and elevators.

6. Reward periodically

As you accomplish each of your short-term goals, reward yourself by choosing something that will make you happy. Look good and feel good even when you work out by investing in a good workout suit and a trendy pair of sneakers that protect your feet. Relaxing and rewarding yourself at the right time will make the journey enjoyable and lasting.

7. Find support from your peers/partners

Sometimes it is too boring to exercise alone, so find some friends who like to exercise together. Exercise with friends during holidays, in addition to maintaining a relationship, but also can cultivate more common interests, one by one!

8. Get involved

Schedule exercise into your schedule like meetings, classes, and client visits. It can't be canceled or delayed at will. Make exercise a regular part of your daily life and get ready to move when the time comes.

Knowing so many benefits of exercise, it is especially important to remind everyone who is ready to start exercise that they should really warm up before exercise and avoid causing exercise injuries. Intense exercise is not suitable for 1 hour before or after meals. It is also important to wear appropriate sports clothing and keep hydrated. The first step is always difficult, if you can hold a relaxed mood, don't give yourself too much burden, I believe you will soon love sports!