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With the rapid pace of modern life, great pressure of work, fierce competition for survival, many people are overdrawing their health, trapped in the vortex of sub-health, suffering from physical and mental torture, sub-health is such a bit by bit erosion of life. Pay particular attention to blood smart watch
Hypertension is known as the "invisible killer of human health". It seems to be an independent disease on the surface, but in fact it is an important risk factor for heart, cerebrovascular and kidney disease. At present the hand annulus of what brand can measure blood pressure! There you can have a look of BP doctor watch,which have blood pressure monitoring function.

Blood pressure, frankly, is one of the future directions for smart wristbands. But now the technology of blood pressure monitoring of smart bracelet is still not up to the real requirements. The bracelet can't do it! But a few smartwatches can check blood pressure.(BP doctor watch can!)

Know your blood pressure

Blood pressure (BP) refers to the lateral pressure on the blood vessel wall per unit area when blood flows in blood vessels, which is the driving force for blood to flow in blood vessels. It is called arterial blood pressure, capillary blood pressure and venous blood pressure respectively in different blood vessels. The blood pressure usually referred to refers to the arterial blood pressure of systemic circulation. You can think of it simply as the pressure of the blood against the wall of the vessel.

What about the blood pressure number.

In general, when we measure blood pressure again, there are two numbers. For example, 130/110 mmHg, a lot of people are confused at this point. I don't know what this means. The front 130 is systolic, and the back 110 is diastolic. MmHg is millimeters of mercury, a commonly used unit of blood pressure. Systolic pressure is the lateral pressure exerted on the walls of blood vessels by the incoming blood from the ventricles when the heart contracts. At this point the pressure of the inner wall is called systolic pressure, also known as high pressure; Diastolic pressure: At the end of the Diastolic stage of the heart, blood has temporarily stopped flowing into the arteries, but the blood flowing into the arteries continues to flow due to the elasticity and tension of the blood vessel walls. Blood pressure is called Diastolic pressure. Also known as low pressure.
Systolic pressure is the impact pressure of water on the wall of a high-pressure water pipe when you have just turned on the switch. Diastolic pressure, which is like the flow of water stabilizing, still exerts pressure on the wall of the tube, but the pressure is at its lowest. You get the idea.

General method of blood pressure measurement
Blood pressure measurement methods include direct measurement method and indirect measurement method: clenching the fist will cause the arterial constriction of the arm, leading to a large change in blood pressure, so the measurement deviation is large.

Therefore, the general measurement of blood pressure requires that our whole body is in a relaxed state, sit quietly for 5-10 minutes before the measurement, so that the body is in a calm state.

① Direct measurement method is to dissolve anticoagulant long catheter, percutaneous puncture catheter to the aorta, catheter and pressure sensor connection, direct display of blood pressure. This approach is called the invasive approach, which means the injurious approach.
② Indirect measurement method is cuff pressure method, which is also the way we commonly used sphygmomanometer measurement. There are mercury, spring and electronic sphygmomanometers. Indirect measurement method is simple and easy to use, and is widely used in clinical practice.