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Rumor 1: folk prescription can cure hypertension

A treatment method must have evidence-based medical evidence to prove whether it is effective. Whether the safety of the folk prescription is effective or not has not been accurately confirmed. Other people's herbs may be your poison. Getting high blood pressure is not a big thing. Because high blood pressure can be prevented and treated, do not take folk prescription as the only lifeline.

Rumor 2: motherwort can lower blood pressure

As for the lowering of blood pressure by Leonurus heterophyllus, there are only small animal experiments at present. The water decoction of Leonurus heterophyllus is 1000mg / kg. After 7 days of administration, the average decrease of blood pressure is about 3mmHg.

After 2 weeks of administration, the blood pressure is reduced within 10mmhg, and the blood pressure cannot be reduced to normal. This depressurization effect is almost negligible.

In addition, it is impossible for the human body to take such a large amount of motherwort. Excessive use will lead to fatigue, numbness and pain, lower limb paralysis, sweating, collapse and other adverse reactions.

Rumor 3: Celery and fennel are high in salt and cannot be eaten by hypertensive patients

Some people say celery is high in salt, while others say it can lower blood pressure. Such rumours are not credible. Fennel and beet leaves are also contradictory.

The sodium content in every 100g celery stem is 150 mg, which is a little higher than that of other vegetables, but it is still far from our daily salt intake. You can eat this dish as you like, but don't eat too much, and don't use it as a miracle medicine for lowering blood pressure.

Rumor 4: cross your legs can cause hypertension

After the normal blood pressure measurement, cross your legs. It's very tired to cross your legs for ten, twenty or thirty minutes. Generally, the increase in blood pressure will not exceed 10 mmHg. So far, there is no scientific evidence that cross legging can cause hypertension.

Rumor 5: chicken is a killer of high blood pressure

Chicken is delicious, but it is difficult to lower blood pressure. First of all, arginine and collagen in chicken are only limited to some basic small studies and animal experiments, and there is no evidence for human studies. In addition, the content of arginine and collagen in chicken is not prominent, and many ingredients contain more than it.

Rumor 6: hypertension can be diagnosed by palmprint

Palmprint is a kind of dermatoglyph, which is inherited from nature and has been formed since the embryonic stage. The pattern of the leather pattern remains fixed once it is formed. Blood pressure fluctuates at any time and has nothing to do with dermatoglyphics.

Rumor 7: no discomfort, no medicine

Nearly 1 / 3 of the patients with hypertension may have no symptoms or mild symptoms, but it can not be said that the patients will not take medicine when they feel comfortable. Symptoms can not reflect the level of blood pressure, and blood pressure monitoring is the gold standard for guiding antihypertensive treatment.

Rumor 8: people with anemia will not suffer from hypertension

Anemia refers to the abnormal content of hemoglobin, not the decrease of blood volume. People with anemia can get high blood pressure, and people with high blood pressure can also get anemia. Blood pressure is mainly determined by factors such as myocardial contractility, cardiac output, blood volume and peripheral arterial resistance. The content of red blood cells and hemoglobin in blood is not directly related to blood pressure.

Rumor 9: hypertensive patients cannot eat egg yolk

An egg yolk contains about 250 mg to 300 mg of cholesterol. 70% of the cholesterol in the human body is internally synthesized, and only about 30% is eaten, so eating only accounts for a small part.

In addition, even if you eat an egg yolk, the oral absorption rate is 50% to 70%, and only about 150 g to 210 g enter the blood. A person with a weight of 50 kg has about 2500 ml of plasma. Eating one egg can increase 8 mg of cholesterol per 100 ml of blood. This is very small and can be ignored.

Rumor 10: most hypertension can be cured

Strictly speaking, very few hypertension can be cured. For example, some secondary hypertension, hypertension caused by hyperthyroidism, if hyperthyroidism is treated well, the hypertension will naturally be cured.

However, this secondary hypertension is less than 5% in all patients, and most of them are primary hypertension.

Patients with essential hypertension can be cured by strict self-discipline, reasonable diet, more activities, smoking cessation, alcohol restriction and psychological balance. However, there are very few patients with such self-discipline.

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