Smart watches

The development of technology has made people's grasp of physical conditions more timely and accurate. For example, the smart watches or bracelets that many people choose now can monitor heart rate, blood oxygen and even electrocardiogram.

However, the body data monitoring function of smart watches is still very limited, and the acquisition of many body data still requires professional instruments, such as blood pressure measurement. Although many people with chronic diseases monitor blood pressure almost every day, this work requires a blood pressure monitor to complete.

Not long ago,, a foreign company running a health platform, added a blood pressure monitor to the health tools on its app and announced the launch of a new technology that can use the video of the user's face obtained by the camera to obtain blood pressure. data. said that monitoring blood pressure through a camera uses a technology called "photoplethysmography" (PPG). The principle is to use the light reflected from the human face to calculate blood pressure through artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms. Changes in the stream to derive the data.