best smart watches

1. Make sure that the device is worn correctly according to the wearing requirements (for the first measurement, you can click on the guide instructions on the device and scan the QR code to view).
2. Press the up button, select blood pressure in the application list, and click Next if measuring for the first time.
When the down key is set to blood pressure Smart Watch measurement by default, you can also short press the key to enter the blood pressure measurement interface.
3. After selecting the range on the wrist circumference setting interface, click Next > Next.
4. Measure the arm in a stable posture (the arm is bent, the palm is facing the chest), pay attention to the equipment not to press the chest, and the wrist and palm are naturally relaxed and do not make a fist. The other palm supports the elbow of the measuring arm, making sure to keep the device flush with the heart.
5. Click Measure on the measurement interface, the device starts to measure, and the measurement result is displayed after the end.
You can also press the down key twice to start the measurement.
If the airbag deflates slowly, the treatment method:
Please clean the air inlet and outlet as follows. If the problem still exists after cleaning, please contact the maintenance network.
(1) Remove the short strap (including the clasp) and keep the long strap and airbag. With the case back facing up, fold the long strap and airbag in your hand.
(2) Dip a cotton swab in an appropriate amount of detergent and water, and slowly wipe the dust filter back and forth along the short side of the watch body with the cotton swab back and forth (be careful not to use too much force, otherwise there will be a risk of the dust filter falling off), until the until the surface of the dust net is clean.
(3) Leave it for half an hour after drying.