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Is Meditation Beneficial for Cardiovascular Disease? In addition to revealing the benefits of meditation, US magazine Vogue also teaches us how to sit and meditate for better health. Check it out!

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Meditation is good for reducing stress and anxiety. We are under pressure from all aspects of our lives, which can lead to both physical and mental illness. However, through meditation we can reduce the psychological and physical pain caused by anxiety. When we get stuck in a vicious cycle of stress and anxiety, it takes a moment of quiet contemplation to realize that the reality we are stressing out about is not as bad as it seems. Put yourself in the most relaxed environment. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. With each breath, imagine the pressure pulling away from your body.

Meditation is good for sleep. Many young people suffer from insomnia, but when they lie awake in bed, try meditation. First, you need to create an environment conducive to falling asleep and avoid any activity (such as watching TV or playing sports) that may stimulate brain activity right before bed. Second, make sure you don't eat three hours before bed, which is very important to relax. Lie quietly in bed, close your eyes, and relax every part of your body, every joint, every muscle. Listen to your breathing and picture your body relaxing without distractions. This exercise will help you relax completely, banish the stress of the day and gradually drift off to sleep.

Meditation improves memory and concentration. Meditation allows the mind to shut out the outside world and focus only on the present moment, thereby preventing the mind from wandering too much to concentrate, allowing our mind to focus so intensely on an object that it enhances its memory. Meditate for as little as 10 minutes a day to improve your memory and focus. Get yourself into the right meditative state with free video tutorials available online.

Meditation is good for cardiovascular health. Researchers at Harvard University have shown a link between meditation and high blood pressure. When people engage in meditation, their blood pressure drops significantly, which significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. To protect your heart, try a relaxation exercise that combines breathing and mental exercise. Put on some comfortable clothes, put yourself in a quiet place, sit down and close your eyes, then breathe calmly. Focus your mind on the exhalation and inhalation, and imagine all your troubles moving away from you. After a few years of practicing meditation, you can get into a meditative state even on a noisy subway.

Meditation boosts immunity. Anxiety reduces our ability to cope with adversity. When stress builds up to a certain level, pent-up energy builds up in our bodies. This pent-up energy can damage our immune system, lead to endocrine disruption, and increase the risk of diseases such as the common cold. When mental stress becomes too much, it is better to stop and find self-worth in the empty mind and calm breathing. A few minutes of dedicated meditation each day can find the inner strength to live peacefully through the day.

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While meditation,pay attention to your health is important.For monitoring you health,wearing a BP smart watch is a good choice.You can use it to monitor your BP,HR,temperature,SpO2,and others.