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Jason Wachob is a model of vitality today, but eight years ago, the author of Wells and founder of MindBodyGreen, a preferred destination for holistic wellness, could barely get out of bed in the morning.

"I flew a 150,000-mile coach in a year for my first startup," Wachobo said. "When you're 6'7", that's torture. In late 2008, the former Colombian basketball player's business went bankrupt. He has nothing to show, but he has two herniated discs in his lower back.

"It was unbearable pain. I literally couldn't walk a block," the New York resident said, referring to his inflamed sciatic nerve.

Wachob went to the doctor one by one. Each revealed the same grim prognosis: surgery or permanent disability.

yoga prescription
"Thinking about it," Jason said, "the last doctor said, 'Oh, you might want to try yoga too.' So I started 15 minutes of light yoga in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening. Within six months, I was completely healed."

This is a bold claim. But Wachob thinks his choice was simple. "I'm a very optimistic person. So I know I'm going to get better no matter what. I think if yoga doesn't work, I'll have surgery and I'll be fine."

So he started practicing yoga, with only five poses for the lower back. Week after week, he started to feel better. The pain gradually decreased and then disappeared completely. "It's really important to find the right teacher to practice for you." Jason said he chose natural exercise over surgery. "You need to stick with it long enough to see the benefits."

While Wachob found a cure through yoga, there are still plenty of options for managing your pain and healing your body through exercise.

3 Ways to Relieve Pain During Exercise - wikiHow
Tai Chi
A form of exercise meditation, dubbed "Medicine in Exercise" by Harvard Health Publications. Peter M. Wayne, an assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, pointed to growing evidence that tai chi can help prevent and restore many age-related diseases.

water therapy
Water sports reduce the effects of gravity, thereby expanding your range of motion and reducing the impact on your joints. Aquatic therapy is commonly used to treat fibromyalgia and improve quality of life.

Elastic lining
Relaxed lining is a form of tightrope walking that has become popular on college campuses for the past four years. But according to one study, it can be used to repair injured ankles and knees. "[It may] help athletes improve their athletic performance, but it could also be useful for advanced treatment following an ACL rupture or ankle sprain," Juergen Pfusterschmied, the study's lead researcher, explained to Men's Journal.

Pain stops you from taking steps. So is the recovery time after surgery. But, like Jason Wachob, you can get rid of both by regularly practicing natural healing movements. Discuss a treatment plan with your doctor, determine the exercise mix that is right for you, and find the best trainer in your area.