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There are a lot of benefits you can get from yoga, such as pleasure, less pain and better focus on your thoughts. Your physical and mental health can also be taken care of.

There are 5 Yoga practices to dissolve and eliminate Samsara.

1.Zen (Meditation) - Meditation is a powerful thought tool that helps you connect with your inner self and improve your awareness, focus and insight. Meditation is one of the most effective ways to free oneself from the bondage of Samskarrick's mark. Meditation practice can help you notice how your thoughts and emotions are activated and influenced by ingrained mental impressions. On top of that, regular meditation helps create new neural pathways and physically change your brain. Established neural pathways that make you feel anxious or stressed can be reduced, new pathways can be formed, and you can remain calm and collected even in challenging situations.
Meditation practice can teach you how to take control of your thoughts and emotions and stop deepening your negative cycle. With regular meditation practice, you can learn to identify your thoughts and emotions before you act on them. This awareness can be used to break the cycle and slowly soften these habitual patterns.

2.Svadhyaya(Self-reflection and Self-learning)- Questioning and introspection are tools to help you understand the deeper meanings and sources of habit patterns. They help you find and get rid of stories that cloud your perception and judgment. When you question your habitual way of thinking, you can begin to move away from it and toward freedom. Ask questions like "Why am I doing this? "" Where does this impulse come from? "And" What is my purpose? "Helps you see what's on your mind. This kind of question can help you review past experiences and analyze your current situation. As you reflect on past decisions and actions, you can begin to understand where they came from. You can also examine your current feelings and thoughts and try to find out if there is any connection between your reincarnation and your current state.

3.Breath control (Breathing Exercises) - Breath control helps you control your breathing while on and off the yoga mat. Breathing control allows you to maintain a deep calm and composure. Consciously creating a state of calm helps you observe your thoughts and emotions without reacting to or being influenced by them. In addition, slow deep breathing helps us to slow down and learn more about ourselves. Samsara is subconscious and instinctive. They are usually a reaction before we are aware of it. Slow breathing gives us more chance to think about what we're doing before we react to it.

4.Asanas (Yoga postures) - Yoga postures teach you how to concentrate and help you release stress and anxiety. Asanas help you develop strength, flexibility and balance your body, mind and emotions. Consistent asana practice helps to build a strong vessel to witness and maintain strong energies and emotions, which helps to eliminate negative reincarnation and create and reinforce positive reincarnation.

5.Vairagya(Transcendence) - Transcendence Yoga practice helps you get rid of your desires, motivations and unconscious needs. When you learn to get rid of external influences and internal reactions, you are less likely to act out and reinforce negative habit patterns. Detachment also allows you to step back and see your situation from a broader or different perspective. This can help you gain clarity, wisdom and insight to get out of the behavioral mindset.

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