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Since we want muscles to puff up, how do they puff up?

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In fact, there are principles for muscle training, including muscle fiber tearing principle, energy gap theory, hypoxia theory, exhaustion theory and muscle congestion theory.
And what they all have in common is the following, which is, if we can do this, then we have a very good chance of getting muscle mass.

First, we need to complete a lot of training to tear the muscle, and then with adequate rest and nutrition to restore and thicken the muscle fibers.

In general, you can build up your muscles by exercising scientifically and effectively, with plenty of rest and a proper diet.

So why do some people exercise but not the effect of exercise? Many people into such three mistakes.

The first is that the results of training are not determined by the amount of time spent training. If you exercise for too long a day, your muscles will not get a good rest and your muscle fibers will not thicken. Continuous training, in fact, is a muscle depletion process.

If you do this for a long time, your muscles will get smaller instead of bigger.

The second reason is that the diet is not reasonable, when you eat too much fat, it will affect the absorption of protein. The most important thing to keep fit is to get enough protein.

When you eat roughly the same amount of fat and protein, your body will be in balance, so you won't appear to be getting bigger.

The third is not setting the right goals. Just like our daily work and study, exercise also needs to set different goals in order to achieve from the short to the long term.

It's like what muscle do you want to build at this point? Abs, back muscles, upper arms or chest muscles? Only do a good job of the overall goal planning, targeted to exercise muscles, can make muscle exercise become effective.

Men with more than 21% body fat can first consider fat reduction and then muscle building, so what exactly do you need to do?

At this time, you can increase a part of aerobic exercise after strength training. After the end of strength, hormone levels will be greatly improved, which is beneficial to the effect of aerobic fat reduction. And after aerobic exercise can also effectively relax the body, beneficial to muscle recovery.

In the second part, we can learn how to exercise each part in batches.

So how should we exercise to make our shoulders and backs wider? The muscles on our shoulders are the trapezius, the deltoid, the infraspinatus and so on. The deltoid muscle is an important muscle that determines the width of the shoulder. If you want to widen the back and shoulder, you can focus on this area

The next area we're going to look at is the pectoral muscles. There are several moves that suit the chest muscles.

The first is the flat barbell bench press. We need to put our feet on the ground naturally, lie on our back on a stool, and hold the barbell slightly wider than shoulder width. Remove the bar and slowly pull it to your chest, then push it up quickly.

The second move is the diamond push up. This action effectively activates the triceps and major brachii muscles. The action requirements are push-ups, hands as narrow as possible, thumb and index finger, and together to form a diamond shape, waist and abdomen tight, the body is in a straight line.

When the body sinks, the shoulders and the walk as much as possible in the same line, use the chest muscle force. When exercising the chest muscles, we need to pay attention to the chest muscles can not be exercised too often.

If you do it too often, it will cause the shoulder blades to move forward, and the posture will be very ungraceful. Severe cases can even lead to abnormal shoulder pain.

So you should stretch your chest muscles after you work them out.

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While muscle training,you should pay attention to your health condition.BP smart watch can monitor your blood pressure,heart rate,SpO2,Sleep time and other health function.