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Women who build muscle are less stocky and more curvy. It has an irreplaceable positive effect on building healthy bones, a strong heart and a positive mental state. Women, it's never too late to start building muscle.

With the modern concept of health deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the western image of fitness (fit) has gradually replaced the ancient image of China, becoming a new goal for women to pursue beauty. What benefits does building muscle have for women besides looking fit?

The first thing to remember is that muscles are vital organs for maintaining the body's vitality, fighting off disease, and recovering from illness. Building muscle is not a male exercise. Since women naturally have less muscle mass than men and are more likely to lose it, it is especially important for women to strengthen their muscles with strength exercises.


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1. Burning fat is more effective

If you think strength exercises will make you look stout, think again. Dr. Westcott, a researcher at South ShoreYMCA in the United States, counted thousands of women who performed strength exercises. None of them complained about bulking up. In fact, women have 10-30 times less muscle-promoting hormones than men, so they don't get as big as men. The study also showed that women burn 3.5 pounds of fat for every 2 pounds of muscle they gain.

A big advantage of building muscle is that you continue to burn fat during and after a workout. It also increases your basal metabolic rate by building muscle. For every pound of muscle you gain, you burn an extra 35-50 calories a day. Add it up and you're getting closer and closer to your target body shape.

2. Sleep better

Do you want to fall asleep faster, sleep better, and wake up less often? Please start strength exercises!

A study published in the International Sports Journal shows that resistance or strength muscle training in the morning is effective in extending sleep duration and improving sleep quality.

3. Better heart health

Strength exercises can give you a strong and healthy heart!

According to the American Heart Association, weight training has been shown to be a healthy form of exercise that reduces the chance of heart disease. An article published in the Journal of Strenth andConditioning found that those who did the body weight strength exercises had lower markers of heart disease, including waist circumference, blood lipids, blood pressure, and blood sugar.

4. Healthier bones

With age, women (especially post-menopausal women) are more likely to lose calcium than men, osteoporosis!

Resistance training is a great way to maintain bone health. One study by McMaster University in Canada showed that postmenopausal women had a 9% increase in bone mass after a year of resistance exercise.

The earlier you start strength training, the better chance you have of a healthy set of bones in the long run!

5. Fight diabetes

Overnutrition has led to a huge increase in the number of people with diabetes. Avoid diabetes with strength training.

Dr Franklin, of William Beaumont Hospital in Michigan, said strength training could change the way the body metabolises sugar and reduce the risk of developing diabetes. A review published in BioMed ResearchInternational shows the importance of resistance training for improving glucose utilization and diabetes prevention.

The sugar in the blood is effectively used, the blood sugar will be lower, and the diabetes will be further and further away from you!

6. Relieve stress and reduce depression

We face all kinds of stress every day, and if we don't evacuate in time, depression can develop over time.

Stone et al., a researcher from Illinois, found that those who regularly did strength training were better able to regulate stress and respond better to stressful situations. Another study conducted at Harvard University showed that 10 weeks of strength training reduced symptoms of clinical depression.


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