ECG test conditions

ECG test conditions

Because our product ECG watch is a new generation of electrode heart rate testing products, heart rate and HRV reports from the bioelectrical analysis of the human body have certain requirements on the conductivity.  When the human skin is relatively dry, the contact skin needs to be hardened Or wet with water in order to reach the test conditions.  (Similar to the hospital ECG test will be applied to the measurement site "coupling agent")

ECG test method

1.  Test blood pressure, heart rate before the need to rest more than 5 minutes quiet, 2 hours before the test do not eat, smoking, taking caffeine and other drinks;

2、 The test process to take a comfortable sitting position, to maintain a steady state of mind and forbidden to speak;

3、 Test bracelet with your left wrist, and then right index finger moderate contact with the bracelet electrode piece,  and gently press the middle finger with the upper part of the bracelet so that the bottom of the test at the same time the two electrode contacts contact, not too hard to suppress Electrode.  As shown below


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