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On the mat, the stress of the day seemed to disappear. But your yoga practice can also cause you unnecessary stress when you find yourself traveling across town to a meeting or barely squeezing it into your schedule. If yoga has become just another appointment on your calendar, consider creating a peaceful space in your home and practicing independently when it suits you.

If this sounds daunting, rest assured that you don't need to set up an actual studio to get the most out of your practice. Whatever your current setting, you can make it work for you. The method is as follows:BP doctor watch----Real-time heart rate monitoring:Through innovative optical path structure design, combined with intelligent heart rate algorithm, completes the heart rate monitoring and early warning, high heart rate throughout the fast and accurate, comprehensive evaluate the working condition of the heart, your health, need to know.

Make room for simplicity

This is one of the ten principles of simple yoga. So the first important thing to do: pick a place and clear out the clutter. This shouldn't be done every day, like rearranging the end table every time you want to unroll the mat. Find a space that isn't currently useful, or that can be used permanently for meditation and yoga. My husband and I live in a one-bedroom apartment with a small dining room. After assessing our needs, we gave up the dining table in favor of a desk and plenty of room to move around. Now we're having dinner at the bar. No matter where you are, there is room for give and take.

Soft light

There's nothing more relaxing than the glare of overhead lights. Whenever possible, make sunlight the main light source in your yoga space. If your Windows are small or you tend to practice at night or early in the morning, install a dimmer or invest in a translucent floor lamp for softer ambient lighting.

Add inspiring visuals.

For me, nature is the most important focal element. I like the outdoor scenery because it helps me refresh and calm down. But if the view out your window isn't peaceful, you might want to find something else to focus on. Try taking a picture of something you find beautiful, a sculpture, a group of plants, or even a mirror. It can brighten up the space and allow you to better connect with your body.

It's just comfortable.

Small pads play an important role in finding the right feelings when you meditate. If you're not coordinated and comfortable, it's hard to shift your focus from the outside to the inside. Circular cushions can help relax the legs and improve spine alignment, but different shapes and sizes suit different people.

If you need a place to store cushions and upholstery, consider replacing small furniture with something that has storage space, such as an end table with drawers or a storage bench.

Build atmosphere

Simple doesn't mean it's just you, a mat and a visually inspired element. I hope your yoga and meditation space is a place to increase your enthusiasm and curiosity -- whatever that means to you. You may want to use candles or incense to enhance your practice through aromatherapy, or use a stereo to eliminate intrusive noise (and even silence). Create a quiet little garden with stones and greenery. If your space doesn't have four walls and a door, close it with curtains to give a sense of serenity cut off from everyday life.

The most important tip is to design your yoga space consciously. By focusing on yourself and being inspired, you can not only reap the physical benefits of exercising, but you can also reap the psychological and emotional benefits of being in a new environment.

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