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In the past, the high salt and high sugar life burdened our body, and we needed smart watches to monitor our blood pressure to prevent it. But now there is a healthy and environmentally friendly way, from using stainless steel straws to choosing reusable canvas tote bags, the awareness of environmental protection has increased significantly. At the same time, the trend has even found its way into fitness through plogging – a Swedish-born fitness craze started by environmentalist Eric Achstrom is gaining popularity around the world.

Plogging is the act of picking up trash while running - the name combines the Swedish word "plokka upp", which means "picking up" and "jogging". Goal of the exercise: Collect trash along the way to help offset the amount of trash accumulating in the ocean (up to 8 million tons of plastic, according to the Ocean Conservancy).

Not only is plogging an easy way to contribute to beautifying the community, it can also help you get more out of your running. Here are three good reasons to bring a (reusable!) trash bag.

1.Plogging brings awareness to your run.

You might not think that your area has a litter problem, but looking for litter can be an eye-opener. "Increasing awareness while running can help exercise mindfulness, which can make you run faster and help you focus less on discomfort," says Dr. Erin Oliver, MPH. In addition to helping you connect spiritually with your sport, blogging can also make you pay more attention to your neighbors. Trash usually doesn't stay where it lands. Understanding how waste in your community is contributing to buildup in sewer systems or affecting wildlife can help you be more thoughtful about waste management.

Hint: jogging in a rubbish place? Sprint to every piece you pick up. Or up the cross-training ante by adding some self-esteem moves: bow and step on the way to the dumpster, and the bear crawls back.

2. plogging to your mileage goal

When long runs start to feel endless, you can use the jogging distraction. In a study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, researchers found that mental fatigue can lead to feelings of physical fatigue before your body actually feels tired. By turning your attention to finding trash, you can stop thinking about how tired your legs are or how far you need to go.

TIP: Try a simple recovery run jogging, as slower pace and stopping to grab junk won't affect your training.

3. Plogging makes everyone a hero - even kids!

Next time your family takes a step or straps your kids to a jogging cart, please give everyone a trash bag to pack. PLOGGING makes everyone happy and helps protect the environment.

Tip: Teach your child to avoid picking up anything sharp, consider wearing gloves when going out, and be sure to wash your hands afterward. Most trash itself isn't dirty, but you don't want to risk injury or illness while doing good for the planet. Always put safety first and be cautious when plogging.