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Many of us may opt for the fastest weight loss methods, some through high-intensity exercise, and others by going to the gym to find a coach. In fact, there are many ways to lose weight in our lives, such as walking. So how can you walk to achieve weight loss results?
You can turn walking exercises into muscle strengthening and fat-burning exercises by making some simple adjustments. Try these out on local trails or parks.

5 Fat-Burning Walking Techniques

1. Walk While Shaking Your Hands on Flat Ground

  • Exercise: Elbow Joints, Wrist Joints
  • Energy Consumption: 7.9 kcal/minute
  • Suitable Place: Flat squares, streets
  • Effect: Exercise for all joints in the body, improve joint sensitivity and flexibility, and achieve weight loss.
Specific Operation: Before walking, slightly raise your head, keep your eyes flat ahead, straighten your chest, relax your shoulders, and swing your arms significantly back and forth during the process. In this process, use your heels to touch the ground, lift your toes off the ground, and your toes to touch the ground during the forward process.

Precautions: Do not let your feet move inward or outward.

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2. Stumbling on Uphill Walking

  • Exercise: Quadriceps, Calf Muscles, Knee Joints
  • Energy Consumption: 2.7 kcal/minute
  • Suitable Place: Hills, underground parking lots, stairs

Specific Operation: Stumbling on the uphill is to train the endurance of the leg muscle groups and the elasticity of the knee joints. In the process of walking, the upper body should lean slightly forward and maintain a certain angle with the ground. The two arms should not swing too much. It is best not to use external forces to walk to avoid joint damage.

Precautions: Especially do not support the knees with your hands, the toes should land first, the direction of the foot should not move inward or outward, but forward.

3. Downhill Strolling

  • Exercise: Waist Muscles
  • Energy Consumption: 2.0 kcal/minute
  • Suitable Place: Hills, underground parking lots, stairs
  • Effect: Exercise the muscles of the buttocks and waist and shape the waist;

Specific Operation: Downhill strolling exercise is the muscles of the buttocks and waist and abdominal muscles, which is a training of the control ability of your own body shape. During the downhill process: the body should lean back slightly because it is easy to control the speed of walking. Secondly, the arms should swing appropriately to increase coordination;

Precautions: The direction of the foot should not move inward or outward to avoid forming the shape of eight characters or eight characters.

4. Walking with Dumbbells in Hand

  • Exercise: Shoulders, Upper Arms
  • Energy Consumption: 6.0 kcal/minute
  • Suitable Place: Flat squares, streets
  • Effect: It exercises the muscles of the upper body, consumes calories and fat.

Specific Operation: Conveniently carrying small dumbbells or mineral water bottles to walk, you can maintain the balance of the body.

Precautions: The arms should have a certain degree of swing and moderate.

5. Back Double-Shoulder Backpack Walking

  • Exercise: Back Muscles, Chest Muscles
  • Energy Consumption: 5.6 kcal/minute
  • Suitable Place: Flat squares, streets

Specific Operation: The effect of backpack walking on the muscles of the back and chest is the most obvious. During the walk, the weight of the backpack should be about 2 to 3 kilograms, and the upper body should be kept upright and not bent. Help to adjust the chest, hold the backpack straps or naturally hang the two arms.

Precautions: The body should be controlled during the walking process and should not swing too much, to avoid twisting the muscles of the back, and walk with the method of stepping on the soles of the feet.

6 Walking Weight Loss Techniques

1. Pay attention to walking posture
Walking posture is very important. It can make you slim, beautiful, stylish, and stylish.

1.1 Be consciously straighten your chest and raise your head, and the chin should be slightly retracted, and your shoulders should be relaxed and naturally expanded.

Be sure not to hunch or arch your back, and don't bow your head to play with your phone, otherwise it is easy to collide with people, collide with cars, and fall into a pit accident.

Hunchback will also destroy the body's balance, bowing your head will increase the pressure on the cervical spine, thus greatly reducing the sports and weight loss effects of walking.

1.2 Be consciously tightens your abdomen and clamps your buttocks.

If the muscles are not tense, you cannot effectively stimulate your abdomen, buttocks, and legs muscles. The small belly will always be loose, and the beautiful curve of the buttocks will not come out, it will always be a drooping "disheartened face".

1.3 Be consciously exert force with your hips.

Use your hips to drive your thighs up, instead of pushing the ground with your calves, or dragging your calves without leaving the ground.

2. Swing Your Arms
A lot of the walking speed comes from the arms. The swinging of the arms generates power and kinetic energy, drives the body forward, helps burn more calories, and strengthens the upper body's strength. When walking, bend your elbows 90 degrees, swing your arms back and forth, and keep your shoulders relaxed and naturally slightly back, allowing your chest to expand and maintain the best posture, allowing walking to achieve the greatest effect.

3. Land on the Entire Foot
When walking, land on the entire foot, land on the heel, roll the entire foot forward, and let the arch, metatarsal and toes land in sequence, and lift the toes off the ground.

Landing on the entire foot makes walking more powerful, burns more calories, and allows the calf and thigh muscles on the back to join the movement, giving you a more slender leg muscle line and a more beautiful and firm hip shape.

4. Increase Walking Stride
To take walking as a weight loss fitness exercise, you cannot be as lazy and casual as usual when walking, you need to appropriately increase your stride.

Only by walking fast and meteorically forward, can you effectively stimulate your thigh muscles, and raise the heart rate during walking to enhance the aerobic exercise effect.

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5. Speed Up Walking Speed
Walking quickly can achieve more significant health effects.

It is best for young people to walk 2 kilometers in 20 minutes, and middle-aged and elderly people can try to walk 2 kilometers in 25 minutes.

Try the practice of changing the speed of walking!

If you want to exercise more effectively, you can also try to take a small section of the route and walk at full speed for 4 to 6 minutes, do interval walking exercises.

You will feel your heartbeat faster, your breathing deeper, your breath slightly panting, your body slightly sweating, and your body temperature rising.

6. Increase Walking Time
As long as you can walk, you should walk as much as possible. If you don't have the conditions to walk, create conditions to walk.

To achieve effective exercise effects, it is recommended to get off the bus or subway several stops in advance:

Increase walking distance and time, and it is best to reach 15 to 20 minutes.

If the destination is within 5 kilometers, and you are not in a hurry (you can get up early in the morning), or if you don’t need to go to work, you can skip the bus stops and subways and walk all the way instead.

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