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Wearing matching colors can be said to be the place where you can make the most changes in outfits, but because of the variety of colors, you will be dazzled if you are not careful. So today I will teach you three principles of color matching, so that everyone has a rule to follow in dressing.

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Three color principle

The goal of matching colors is to look harmonious as a whole. The more colors there are, the more difficult it is to achieve this goal. Therefore, we would recommend keeping the color of the whole body within three colors.


One color for the whole body, the most common is the all-black color scheme, and the layers are matched through items of different materials. Monochrome collocation is usually more special in the selection of clothing styles, and the disadvantages of relatively monotonous colors are made up for by other features of these items.

Two-color collocation

Commonly used colors for two-color collocation are black and white/black brown/white, khaki/blue-white/blue-green/beige, white/blue orange/blue-gray/blue-brown... There are many combinations of two-color outfits, and it is also the most suitable for everyone. Play and train the number of colors for matching. Because it can be matched with the same color, similar colors, or even contrasting colors, it is very suitable. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you can cultivate your sensitivity to color here.

Three color matching

After you are familiar with the combination of two colors, you can add a third color. However, in the collocation of three colors, it is already necessary to pay attention to whether the relationship between the colors is harmonious. So the most common matching combination here is the first matching of the same color. Especially black, white, gray, or beige, brown and other collocations can be regarded as an extension of monochrome, but not only will it not look monotonous, but also relatively easy to match. For novices, it is also a very easy way to get started!

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In order to better match your clothing, it is necessary to choose a versatile watch, such as black and brown. Smart watches can not only add points to your outfits, but also perform exercise and health monitoring.