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In the face of unfamiliar people, it is inevitable that you will be at a loss at the dinner table, and you will not know how to start a new topic. Read on, and you will find a solution step by step.

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Start with small talk to ease the atmosphere

First of all, warm up from small talk. Sometimes at the dinner party, there is a lack of chatterboxes or starters. Everything starts with self-introduction. However, there is often a period of time between waiting time and dining, so start with small talk. Well, imagine that the middle is completely blank, and cut directly to the point. On the one hand, there is no time to get to know the members at the meeting, and on the other hand, the whole atmosphere becomes rigorous. In order not to make you feel like you are conducting an interview at the beginning of the meal, feel free to Small talk, maybe what you are doing before you come to eat, what kind of transportation to get to the restaurant and other daily conversations. You may be afraid to speak because of unfamiliarity, but in order to avoid making the next meal an interview, it may be a good way to be the member who takes the initiative to greet.


You don't have to talk but you can be an observer

In a group, if you are not the topic leader, you don’t know how to stir up the atmosphere, and you don’t have to feel awkward. Although you won’t take the initiative to bring up the topic, you can participate in the discussion at the right time and share your personal thoughts at the right time. There is no way to participate Try not to let go of the topic as much as possible, so as to avoid when the other party asks your thoughts, only to find that you are not listening to the ongoing conversation.

In the process, even if it is a topic that you are not interested in, you should listen carefully. On the one hand, you can avoid losing your mind. On the other hand, you can "observe" how everyone talks. Completely bores you.

When it comes to "observation", some people do not directly participate in the conversation, and often worry that their sense of presence is extremely low, and they may only have a basic self-introduction at the end of the meal, losing the original social interaction meaning of the meal. In fact, when you can't directly participate in the conversation, there is some extra energy to pay attention to the situation of the members during the meal. Yes, I can also take the initiative to help you add it.

In these small details, you can interact with the other party more or less, or start another small topic. Even if you don’t say much about the chat content, showing a caring side can still give the other party a good impression. Sometimes, not talking is often mistaken for being depressed or having an unapproachable personality. Take the initiative to care about everyone and show kindness, which can also break everyone's stereotypes about you.


Accept diverse and complex topics

In the workplace, or when dining with unfamiliar elders, you may often meet, and the topics are more diverse, which are not within the scope of your control, which makes you often fall into anxiety.

Instead of worrying about being afraid, why not take advantage of this opportunity to absorb new knowledge and embrace diverse topics. Maybe you will find out that it is a very interesting topic after you understand it, and the next time someone talks about it again, you will not be ignorant! In fact, today, with the explosion of information, no one can understand everything. Even if you don’t pay attention, it’s not embarrassing, and you don’t need to pretend to understand. It's not a bad thing to tell the other person that you happen to be not paying attention. In fact, with the ecology of the online community, we often have conversations in the stratosphere, and this time is the best time to break through the boundaries of the stratosphere and try to listen to perspectives from more dimensions.


Repeatedly ask "what" and "why"

Continuing from the above, we need to embrace more diverse topics to avoid emptying ourselves, and it can also be regarded as absorbing new knowledge, but how should we respond to things that we are not familiar with? In fact, you can go deeper and ask the other person for details. You don’t have to pretend to understand the topics you don’t know. Repeatedly asking “what” and “why” can keep the conversation going without interruption, and you don’t have to be afraid of your lack of words or the sudden silence dilemma.

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Socializing is an art. It is also very impolite to look at your mobile phone frequently while socializing. If you want to check the time without missing important news, you can consider BP Smartwatch.