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Apples have so many benefits, why don't you want to eat one every day? So how to choose delicious apples? When is the best time to eat apples?

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How to pick apples

1 See fruity

If the fruit pedicle of the apple is found to be light green, it means that it is relatively fresh; otherwise, the fruit pedicle has signs of blackening, which indicates that the apple has been stored for a long time and is not recommended for purchase.


2 Look at the navel

The deeper this position, the sweeter the apple flavor. Apples with shallower navels tend to be sour or bland.


3 Look at the texture

The surface of the apple peel has different textures. Friends who like to eat sweet can choose the apple with vertical texture, which tastes sweeter.

If the skin has no texture at all, it means that the apple has a thick skin and is not sweet enough.


4 Pounds

Weigh an apple with your hand. If it feels heavier, it will have more water and a crisp taste; if it is lighter, it will have less water and a soft taste.


5 Smell fruity

Pick it up and smell it when you buy it. You can buy apples with a light fruity aroma.

However, if the fruit fragrance is light, even a little sour and winey, it means that the apples have been stored for too long and have been "fermented", the sugar content has decreased, and the taste is not sweet enough.


When is the best time to eat apples for nutrient absorption?

"Eating it in the morning is a golden apple, and eating it at night is a poisonous apple." This saying has been widely spread. Is it true? When is the best time to eat apples?

In fact, there is no scientific basis for this statement. However, the speed of gastrointestinal peristalsis slows down at night, and you go to bed immediately after eating apples. Apples that have not been fully digested remain in the stomach, which will increase the burden on the stomach and is not conducive to stomach health.

If you want to eat apples at night, you can choose to eat them 1-2 hours before going to bed, and there will be no problem.

When it comes to the nutritional absorption of apples, of course, apples are best eaten in the morning, followed by noon, and the nutritional value of apples at night is the lowest.

This is because the morning is the time when the spleen and stomach are most vigorous, and the nutrients contained in apples are more easily absorbed. In addition, apples contain a lot of sugar, which can help the body replenish sugar, especially when eaten on an empty stomach in the morning, which can moisten the intestines and relieve constipation. 

In addition, it is better to eat apples 1 hour before meals. Because apples are rich in fruit acids, they can promote digestion and allow the stomach to absorb faster; on the contrary, if you eat apples after a meal, the food in the stomach will not be digested in time, and the nutrient absorption effect of apples will become poor.

Note that those who need to lose weight should choose to eat apples before meals to increase the feeling of fullness; while those who have a bad stomach are not recommended to eat apples on an empty stomach, so as to avoid chemical reactions between fruit acid and gastric acid to form lumps, which will cause gastritis.

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