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In summer, the weather is hot. Under the high temperature environment, the human body’s temperature regulation, water and salt metabolism, digestion, circulation, nerves, endocrine and urinary systems all undergo significant changes. These changes lead to enhanced human metabolism and increased nutrient consumption. Hot weather tends to reduce appetite, and poor rest and sleep.

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Ensure an adequate supply of protein

Under high temperature conditions, the decomposition of protein in the human body increases, and the excretion of urinary nitrogen increases, resulting in a negative nitrogen balance. Therefore, the intake of protein should be increased appropriately, but not too much, so as not to increase the burden on the kidneys. Among them, fish, meat, eggs, milk and beans are high-quality proteins, and they should account for 50% of protein intake.


Eat more fruits and vegetables to provide adequate vitamin

Sweating at high temperature causes a large loss of water-soluble vitamins, especially the vitamin C requirement is twice as high as the standard, and vitamin B family should also be supplemented. Vitamin C content is extremely rich in fresh vegetables and summer ripe fruits such as tomatoes, watermelons, bayberries, peaches, and plums. Vitamin B family contains more in cereals, beans, animal liver, meat, and eggs. In summer, people can supplement these foods appropriately, and they can also take some yeast tablets appropriately.

Supplementary water and inorganic salts

When the human body sweats a lot or the body temperature is too high, it will not only cause insufficient water in the body, but also lose a lot of sodium, potassium and other elements. Sodium deficiency can aggravate water shortage, so pay attention to replenishing water and inorganic salts. It is better to supplement water and salt in the form of soup. Vegetable soup, broth, and fish soup can be chosen alternately. Drinking a small amount of soup before meals can also increase appetite. For people who sweat a lot, a certain amount of salty drinks should be added between meals. In addition, you can eat fruits and vegetables high in potassium, such as: rapeseed, celery, edamame, mushrooms, potatoes, seaweed, peanuts, oranges, red dates, etc.


Eat more heat-clearing and damp-damp foods

Heat-clearing foods should be eaten in midsummer. Commonly used heat-clearing foods include watermelon, bitter gourd, peaches, strawberries, tomatoes, mung beans, cucumbers, etc., and condiments such as garlic, ginger, and vinegar are used to enhance appetite; foods that invigorate the spleen and promote dampness Mainly include wax gourd, pumpkin, ginger, lotus root, barley, yam and so on.


Light diet

In summer, the temperature is high, sweating a lot, drinking a lot of water, gastric acid is easily diluted, the secretion of digestive juice is relatively reduced, and the digestive function is weakened, resulting in poor appetite. Coupled with lack of sleep and hot weather, eating raw and cold food, if you eat greasy food , It is bound to increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract and affect digestion. Therefore, it is advisable to eat less greasy food, and the diet in summer should be light and peaceful. In addition, drinking some porridge for breakfast and dinner can not only cool off the heat, but also nourish the body. Such as: mung bean porridge, lotus seed porridge, etc.


Pay attention to cooking methods

Meals should be easy to digest, with good color, flavor and taste. It is advisable to eat more cold or blanched dishes, and appropriate amount of sour and spicy condiments can be added to adjust the taste and increase appetite. It can also be served with pickles and flavored side dishes when eating, which can not only help the meal, but also add salt.


Do not eat too cold

Although the weather is hot in summer, it is not advisable to eat too much cold drinks, popsicles, cold beer and iced fruits. For example, watermelon in the refrigerator should not be taken out and eaten immediately, but should be placed at room temperature for a while before eating. Because a large amount of super cold food will cause sudden contraction of gastrointestinal blood vessels, causing gastrointestinal dysfunction, gastrointestinal cramps, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and digestive and absorption disorders. Especially for patients with certain chronic diseases, they should be more selective and restrained in eating cold drinks. In addition, you can't overeat in summer, especially for dinner. Especially the elderly and children have weak digestion ability, which is even worse in summer. Overeating and indigestion can easily damage the spleen and stomach and cause stomach pain.

Food hygiene is very important

Summer is the season of frequent intestinal infectious diseases and bacterial food poisoning. When eating raw vegetables and fruits, we should pay attention to cleaning and disinfection. Do not eat spoiled food, reheat leftovers before eating, and do not drink unboiled water. In addition, household chopping boards must be fully washed with detergent (especially the gaps and knife marks should be paid more attention to), then rinsed with clean water, and left to dry naturally. It is best to use chopping boards and knives exclusively for raw and cooked dishes to ensure hygienic operation and prevent diseases from entering through the mouth.

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