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Push-ups are good, not bad. Push-ups (also known as pushups) are a very common form of exercise. Doing push-ups can build upper body strength and core muscles in the waist and abdomen. They can practice at home, in the gym, in the park or in the office during lunch break. It's easy to get hurt if you're not doing it correctly or if you're overdoing it.

Push-ups can be divided into different levels of difficulty, from easy to deep exercise exercises, I will share with you the benefits of doing push-ups, advantages, and what to pay attention to.

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The benefits of doing push-ups

There are many advantages to doing push-ups. Here are three advantages for your reference.

Increase the core strength of upper limb muscles, chest muscles, waist and abdomen; Make people tall and straight

As can be seen from the movement mode of push ups, it can mainly exercise the strength of upper limb triceps, back muscles, chest muscles and waist and abdomen core muscles.

Push-ups can be used as a basic fitness to improve movement ability and serve other sports

Practicing push-ups over a long period of time can significantly improve your motor performance and set the stage for other sports. Push-ups are a kind of fitness program. By doing push-ups, you can exercise the fixed muscle group of the body, improve the strength of this part of the muscle, the toughness and strength of the joint.

For example, when I usually play badminton, I need strong upper limbs and core strength of waist and abdomen to support some batting actions. The muscle strength of push-ups can be applied to my badminton. Of course, for other sports such as basketball, running, swimming and so on, it is possible to do push-ups to improve athletic ability. Do push-ups as part of your daily fitness routine.

Enhance physical fitness, exercise people's willpower, make people energetic

Push-ups as a kind of fitness exercise, any exercise, as long as the reasonable distribution of exercise plan, exercise intensity, long-term adherence to the physical will be greatly improved and enhanced, long-term exercise is also a kind of tempering of people's willpower, the improvement of upper body strength makes people energetic, tall and straight.

What do you need to pay attention to when doing push-ups?

The standard position for push-ups

Preparation: A complete position for a standard push-up is to hold your arms straight in front of your chest, hands slightly wider than your shoulders apart, your waist and stomach straight and in a straight line from your shoulders to your feet. This is the position you should start with when doing a push-up.

Choose the difficulty that suits you

Push-ups can be divided into many levels of difficulty depending on the position. This is standard posture which is standard difficulty. Because there are so many different types of postures, I will mainly list six common ones that you can choose according to your own ability.

Practice in groups, 1-2 minutes apart

Be sure to divide the practice into multiple groups, do not do too much at once, only do one group a day, do not do, this actually can not build muscle effect. Muscle growth requires a certain amount of pressure stimulation to be effective. The purpose of group exercises is to stimulate the muscles in this way, so that the muscles can maintain continuous tension. After each group exercise is completed, it is necessary to make the muscles feel sore and bloated.

Choose the number of group exercises according to your basic conditions. For example, myself: Do three sets of 20-30 a day, two minutes apart. The results of this exercise are remarkable, and within a week you can feel a noticeable increase in upper limb and lower abdominal strength.

Control Exercise intensity

If you've never done push-ups before, remember not to do too many at once. Your muscles have never been prepared for this kind of intensity. If you overdo it, your muscles will be too sore to move the next day. If your base strength is not strong, it is recommended to start with both feet and knees on the ground. This will stimulate your muscles less and prevent your body from getting sore the next day. Muscle exercise needs a process of stimulation and recovery, and the control of exercise intensity is very important.

Finally, to make a conclusion, the previous share is the advantages and advantages of doing push-ups and matters needing attention, but did not mention the disadvantages of doing push-ups. I think any exercise as long as the reasonable arrangement of the plan and exercise intensity, do scientific fitness, there is no harm. Must say a disadvantage, is that if only a single push-ups, do not do other exercises, will develop a strong upper limb in the long run, the body size will be thick and thin is not coordinated.

So don't just do push-ups this one exercise, to combine with other exercise at the same time, so that you can get in shape.

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