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Sometimes after sleeping for a long time, you still feel tired when you wake up? A healthy night's sleep depends on all activities during the day. What did you do to help you sleep, or did you inadvertently disrupt your body's biological clock?

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1. Don't stay in bed

If you wake up too early, just get up and don't go back to sleep. At the beginning of the day, the judgment of whether to wake up or not can affect the brain's sleep-wake clock. Getting up when your body wakes up can reduce your chances of developing chronic insomnia.

2. Eat breakfast even if you’re not hungry

Skipping breakfast can easily lead to overeating in the next few meals. Those excessive intakes of food will cause you to get ready to go to bed, and the food in your stomach is only half digested, which affects sleep quality and is not good for the digestive system.
At breakfast time, make sure you have plenty of protein on your plate, like eggs, milk, yogurt, or meat. Protein boosts the production of dopamine, which helps wake the body up.

3. Get out of the house early

Sunlight suppresses melatonin and regulates the biological clock. Even on cloudy days, walking outdoors for 10-30 minutes is better than indoors with a whole day of light, and a little exercise can also increase serotonin levels and boost your spirits. You can go for a walk or walk your dog when you get up early.



4. Give yourself a 10-minute break

We get sleepy around lunch time, so we can take a short 10-minute break. And it's best to rest at the same time every day, but not to fall asleep, but to practice relaxation. Just being drowsy for about 10 minutes and fully relaxing can also help boost your spirits in the afternoon.

5. Don’t drink coffee

Caffeine is a stimulant that can suppress nighttime sleep. Afternoon beverage choices are best to choose boiled water and decaffeinated tea, such as chamomile tea.

6. Exercise before dark

Exercise raises body temperature and also promotes the secretion of glands that help sleep. Exercise in the afternoon or evening can give the body time to cool down slowly at night, calm down hormones, and make people want to sleep at night.

7. Do a short meditation

Reducing anxiety and worry during the day allows you to sleep more deeply at night. You can spend five to ten minutes meditating to relax your body and mind, observe your emotions, and relieve stress.


8. Turn off overhead lights

Exposure to bright light can reduce melatonin by as much as 50%, and after six in the evening, light equipment should be switched to night mode to reduce brightness.

9. Create a personal bedtime ritual

It could be yoga, stretching, meditation or taking a relaxing bath. Tell your body and your brain, "It's time to sleep after this."

10. Writing trouble

Write down your troubles and things that bother you during the day on paper, have a good dialogue with yourself, and relieve psychological pressure through writing, so as not to go to sleep with troubles, and the brain will not be able to rest well.

11. Fast two hours before bedtime

Compared with other meals, the portion of dinner should be relatively small, so that the digestive system can fully rest, remember not to eat snacks at night, and do not eat before going to bed.


12. Temperature

Make sure that the temperature in the bedroom is moderate and good for sleeping, about 15-20 degrees Celsius.

13. Sound

Try to isolate the outside sound as much as possible, at least as quiet as a library.

14. Bedding

Only by choosing the bedding that suits you according to your body shape and preferences can you sleep comfortably.

15. Bedroom light

The light in the bedroom is best to be in the darkness where you can't see your fingers. If you have no choice, wear an eye mask to block the light.

16. Clock position

Put the clock so far away that the second hand cannot be heard. The regular sound of the clock can disrupt sleep and cause anxiety in some people.

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