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Every summer, in addition to temperature changes, your body may have a more intuitive feeling: sleep is also quietly decreasing.

The most simple and intuitive test standard for a good sleep is that after waking up, the body is comfortable, full of energy, good memory, efficient in doing things, and competent for a day's work, study and life.

How to have a good night's sleep when the seasons change?

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Avoid staying up late for a long time

Going to bed too late is prone to insomnia, breaks the circadian rhythm, does not get enough rest for the body organs, and cannot eliminate toxins well.

Going to bed late for a long time will lead to a decline in immunity, which is not good for health. It is recommended to go to bed at 22-24 o'clock in the evening, and do not do strenuous exercise within two hours before going to bed.

Put on the blindfold

Blocking out ambient light while you fall asleep can help you sleep better, and a study in the journal Sleep found that wearing an eye mask was associated with more hours of deep sleep.

Especially in an environment that is easily disturbed by light, it is very important to sleep with an eye mask on.


Take a break at noon

If you feel like you haven’t gotten enough sleep at night, take a nap.

As the weather turns hotter, in the process of cooling and sweating, the capillaries of the skin expand, the blood distribution in the body is unbalanced, and the blood supply to the brain is relatively insufficient. After a morning of busy work and study, it is easy to feel tired and in poor spirits.

Taking a nap at the right time after a meal will allow the body to adjust in time, which is very beneficial to work and study in the afternoon. A half-hour lunch break is appropriate.


Adjust sleep temperature

The body's core temperature needs to drop somewhat to initiate and maintain sleep, which explains why we fall asleep more easily when the bedroom is cool than when it's hot.

For most people, around 25°C is the ideal sleep temperature.


Improve sleep efficiency

To shorten the time in bed, be sure to lie down when you are sleepy. If you cannot fall asleep after lying down for more than half an hour, you can get up and lie down again when you feel sleepy.

Maintaining a regular biological clock is very important for maintaining a good sleep structure.

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