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If someone told you that there is a magic potion that you can use to prevent disease, improve intelligence and reduce stress, is it true or false? It sounds too good to be true, as if solving these problems requires taking dietary supplements, following a science-based exercise program, and eating a balanced, healthy diet.

As it turns out, multiple studies have shown that sleep is the magic potion. It is a preventive medicine for treating physical and mental ailments and improving mood. While the importance of sleep is undeniable, it can be difficult for the average person to make it a priority. Lack of quality sleep not only affects how people feel during the day, but can also impair immune system function. Getting enough sleep is essential to protect against common viral illnesses.

So what are the wonders of sleep?

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1. Helps the body heal and repair

Sleep has a healing and restorative effect on the body that performs its heavy daily functions during the day. Think of your body as a car that runs 16 hours during the day, and you can't keep running all the time in order to get back to normal.

Most growth hormone is produced during sleep, which eventually leads to bone growth. Tissues need to rest and muscles need to relax so that inflammation can be reduced. Every cell and organ needs rest in order to optimize performance.

2. Reduce the risk of disease

Sleep itself is a protective factor against disease. When people sleep too much or too little, the risk of various diseases (such as heart disease and diabetes) and early death increases. Sleep allows disease-causing cells to repair themselves.

3. Improve cognitive function

Sleep enhances creativity and cognitive function, which refers to a person's mental ability to learn, think, reason, remember, solve problems, make decisions, and focus.

Memories are reactivated during sleep, connections between brain cells are strengthened, and short-term memories are transformed into long-term memories. Without enough quality sleep, people become forgetful.

4. Reduce stress

Adequate and quality sleep not only improves mood but also improves the brain's ability to regulate stressful life events.

5. Helps Maintain a Healthy Weight

Taking a beauty sleep when you feel tired can help you maintain a healthy weight and lose excess fat. Two hormones control people's desire to eat: leptin and ghrelin. Leptin tells the brain we're full, while ghrelin is responsible for communicating hunger.

When sleep deprivation occurs, both hormones are disrupted—ghrelin surges and leptin drops, which leads to increased hunger, which in turn leads to overeating and weight gain. Sleep also helps the body maintain normal levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which reduces excess fat storage.

6. Boosts Immune System Function

In people with sleep disorders, the immune system does not function properly. Sleep helps the body produce and release cytokines, proteins that mount an immune response by targeting infection and inflammation.

Additionally, studies have shown that when people are sleep deprived, they respond less strongly to vaccinations.

7. Improve your social life

The emotional health benefits of sleep can be transferred to your social life. People who are sleep-deprived tend to be short-tempered, and who would get along with them.

On the other hand, people who get enough sleep have sharper cognitive functions. Getting enough sleep can boost your self-confidence, make you more agreeable, and get along well with your family and colleagues.

8. Supports Mental Health

Mental health disorders are often associated with sleep deprivation, which can lead to depressive symptoms even in the absence of chronic illness. Getting enough sleep is important for preventing mental illness. In addition to regulating mood and reducing stress, getting enough sleep can improve the effectiveness of mental illness treatments.

9. Reduces Sensitivity to Pain

Behavioral biologists at the Walter Reed Army Research Institute in the U.S. found that extending the amount of sleep participants took during nighttime or midday naps restored pain sensitivity to normal levels compared with sleep-deprived people. people have a lower pain threshold.

10. Increase the likelihood of success

Because sleep improves health in so many ways, it allows people to perform at their best. Sound cognitive function, good emotional regulation, and an active social life are fundamental to the pursuit and achievement of life goals.
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