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Want to get better sleep with resistance training? Here are some tips to help you get a better quality of sleep (and all the benefits that come with it).

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Start slowly.

Now that you know the sleep-inducing benefits of resistance training, you might want to start lifting weights right away. But if you're new to resistance training, the best thing to do is start slowly. "Start slowly and gradually increase the weight and pay attention to the correct form," Radmacher said. "[With this approach], you will reduce your risk of injury and you will be less likely to suffer from delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), which most new weightlifters experience."

Don't exercise before bed.

Resistance training may help you get better sleep -- but if you exercise right before bed, it can actually have the opposite effect. "Doing resistance exercise too late in the day increases heart rate and body temperature, which can interfere with sleep," Radmacher said. "Allow at least two hours of rest after exercise to allow your body to relax before bed."

Don't give up cardio.

Just because resistance training may be a better form of exercise for improving sleep, doesn't mean you should completely give up your weekly morning run or bike ride! Aerobic exercise has many benefits, from reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes to improving mood, so to promote optimal sleep and overall health, consider making aerobic exercise and resistance training a basic part of your fitness routine.

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BP smart watch has a variety of motion modes, with a built-in nine-axis weight sensor, which accurately records the number of steps, mileage, calories and other exercise data.