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Women's shoulders should be more practice, the more practice, the more beautiful, let you show a smaller waist

Strength training can be very beneficial for women. Strength training can make the figure more line sense, improve the basal metabolic rate, so that women become easy to lean physique. Women do not need to use very large weights like men, nor do they need to pursue a comprehensive training, should be focused on the training. For example, shoulder and back, buttocks and abdomen are the focus of training. If these parts are practiced well, the body will look good naturally.

Shoulder training is one of the most important things women should focus on, but it is often overlooked because the muscles in this area are so small, but it has a big impact on the overall shape. For example, women's common body problems, round shoulder hunchback, shoulder and back buckle and other problems, are the result of a lack of shoulder training. Regular training of shoulder muscles can improve your body shape, and it also has great benefits for other muscle training areas. For some women who want their waist to look smaller, training for the midsection is necessary, but in addition, we can strengthen the shoulder muscles to make the waist look smaller.

Although the shoulder muscles are not large, they can actually be divided into three parts, the front fascicle, the middle fascicle and the back fascicle. The anterior fascicle will be relatively developed, the middle fascicle will determine the width of the shoulder, and the posterior fascicle will be the weakest but will determine the details of the entire deltoid muscle. Therefore, when we usually train, we should pay more attention to the development of the posterior band, so that the shoulder muscles can be fully developed.

You don't need a lot of shoulder exercises.

Here are 3 exercises that will help you improve your shoulder muscles and strength and improve your body shape.


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1. One-arm dumbbell side lift

This movement mainly exercises the anterior and middle tracts of the deltoid muscles. Slightly different from the arm lateral lift, the arm position is relatively forward in the unilateral arm lateral lift, which increases the sense of participation of the deltoid anterior bundle. As with the lateral arm lift, try to keep your body as stable as possible, do not sway and do not shrug your shoulders.

2. Butterfly machine reverse birds

This exercise focuses on the posterior tract of the deltoid muscle, which is a weak area in many people. When training, the front chest is tight to the back of the seat, and the back is straight, so as to feel the power and contraction of the muscles. The whole movement should pay attention to the control of the speed, and the slow up and slow down. Feel your shoulder blades close to the center and your arms open to the sides.

3. High rope surface pull

This movement mainly exercises the rear side of the deltoid muscle, standing, leaning slightly back, keeping the center of gravity stable, adjusting the rope to the highest position, pulling down the rope to the forehead or eyes, straightening the whole back, tightening the core, feeling the contraction and extrusion of the muscles, pay attention to slow up and slow down, improve the force time of the muscles.

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