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Speaking of self-weight exercise, the most we can think of are squats and push-ups. Different from squats, push-ups are an action we have known since childhood, even if you can't complete it, you will not be unfamiliar with it. Of course, the biggest difference between the two lies in that one is a classic exercise for lower limbs, while the other is a classic exercise for upper limbs. Although the main stimulation target of push-up is the chest muscles, but in the whole process of movement, the core, shoulders, arms and even the back can form a certain stimulation, so if you only choose one movement to practice the upper limbs, the movement is the most likely to be push-up.

However, although push-ups are well known to us, there are not many people who can do it well. After all, this action has a certain difficulty. Like any action, if you want to play its role and avoid damage, you must complete it correctly.

So, how do you do a push-up correctly, or how do you avoid making mistakes while doing it? How do you unlock this movement for people with weak foundations? Now let's talk a little bit about push-ups.


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1: How to do push-ups correctly

If we're not really exposed to this movement, we might think it's going to focus on the arms, but it's not, it's going to focus on the chest muscles; In addition, from the point of view of the movement, we can say that being able to prop up the body is the key, of course, in fact, it is not so simple, so before introducing the DOS and don 'ts of the push up, first understand the movement, as follows:

Lean over with your arms just below your shoulders, your hands slightly wider than shoulder width for support, your elbows slightly bent, your back straight, your core tight, and your legs slightly apart and straight back

Keeping your body steady, keep your stomach tight and slowly bend your elbows down until your chest almost touches the floor. Then straighten your arms and lift yourself up

Of course, from the point of view of the basic movement, it is not difficult, but there are several key details involved in this, whether you can pay attention to these details will directly affect the quality of the movement, so, what are these details?

1. Not a mistake, the Angle between the torso and the arm

During push-ups, the Angle between the arms and the torso is different and the main target of stimulation is different, namely the Angle between the arms and the torso at the bottom of the movement. For example:

When the Angle is less than 30 degrees, the main stimulation target is the triceps

When the Angle is around 45 degrees, the main stimulation target is the chest muscles

When the Angle is close to 90 degrees, the main stimulation target is the shoulder

From these three perspectives, it is not a mistake, but many friends in the process of action, especially girls, will open the big arm outward, make the big arm and torso Angle close to 90 degrees to complete the action, because it will be relatively easy, but in this case, the shoulder joint will bear too much burden, so the risk of injury is relatively high, Therefore, it is not recommended to do this in general, unless there is a strong training foundation.

2. Your back is not straight

A common mistake during push-ups is the collapse of the back and the butt. It can be caused by habit and weak foundation, such as lack of strength in the chest, core, arms and shoulders. Without a straight back, you can put too much strain on the spine even if you complete the motion.

Therefore, in the inability to complete the standard movement, the first thing to start from improving the basic ability, for the push-up movement, you can choose to step down, such as kneeling position up oblique push up, kneeling position up oblique push up.

3. Neglecting the fall process

In the first contact with the push-up movement, most of my friends think that the focus is to prop up the body, so in the process of falling will not actively control, or even let the body fall freely, which will not only affect the effect of the movement, but also increase the risk of injury. On the contrary, active control is also a process to improve the ability, in the process of active control of the fall, Better stimulation of the target muscles.

So in the push-up process, not only should pay attention to the rise, but also pay attention to the fall.

4. Only go halfway

In the push-up process, due to the lack of strength, the chest can not reach the ground in the process of falling, so the chest will be a few centimeters or longer distance from the ground when the recovery; This is not a mistake, but it does not create a better, more complete stimulation of the chest muscles. Of course, doing only the upper half of the motion is not enough to stimulate the target muscles any better.

So, don't force it, but make it easier, like kneeling.

5. Stand up with your arms completely straight

When you stand up, your arm is completely straight. From the point of view, it will be relatively easy to do so. However, when your arm is completely straight, it means that the joint is hyperextended, and the elbow will lock up. There will be a short relaxation of the arm muscles, which will affect the overall effect of the training.

6. Summary

Generally speaking, there are several points to pay attention to during the push-up movement:

  • Don't Angle your arms too far from your torso, and keep your shoulders directly above your hands
  • The whole body is in a straight line
  • Complete the motion so that your chest is almost touching the ground
  • Control the rhythm of your movements and take active control of your fall
  • Stand up with your elbows slightly bent

Of course, there is no improvement in the above content, is the problem of hand spacing, in the above content is mainly aimed at the ordinary push up (hands slightly wider than the shoulder distance) to introduce, because the ordinary push up stimulus target is relatively comprehensive, and the difficulty is relatively low, because the distance is larger or smaller when the action will be relatively difficult, Of course, the emphasis of different distance stimulation will be shifted, such as the main stimulation of the pectoralis major and serrate anterior muscle of the wide distance movement, while also stimulating the triceps brachii; The main stimulation targets of the narrow-pitch movement were the triceps, the medial pectoralis major and the anterior deltoid tract.

2:  How do I unlock a push-up

Understanding the movement essentials and related precautions is to better complete this movement, but there is a certain difficulty in push-ups, for people with poor foundation, how to unlock this movement? It is not difficult to say, is to start from simple actions, and constantly improve the difficulty.

For example: upward leaning kneeling push-ups → kneeling push-ups → centrifugal push-ups → hand-release push-ups → standard push-ups → downward leaning push-ups and other difficult variable movements. This is to improve your ability by increasing the difficulty step by step until you can complete a standard push-up.

If you don't want to do this, an easier way is to start with the incline and work your way down until you can do a standard push-up, such as starting from the wall, window sills, chairs, steps, and the floor. Of course, this is even easier if you frequent the gym. Find a Smith machine and increase the difficulty of the routine by gradually lowering the height of the pole until you complete the standard routine.

Push-ups are a very convenient training movement, which can stimulate the upper body in a comprehensive way and can be completed anytime and anywhere. However, this movement is somewhat difficult. What we need to do is to ensure the quality of the movement, start with simple movements, and gradually improve until we can complete the standard push-ups. Of course, how long this process takes depends on your daily adherence.


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