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Weight training is a method that causes muscle tears faster than many traditional exercises. But there are some mistakes beginners should avoid.

1. Skip the induction phase

Most gyms have free weightlifting programs like candy stores. It's easy to grab the nearest dumbbell and get stuck inside. However, if you want to get the full benefit of weight training, it's a silly idea to mimic what the person next to you is doing, or simply do some exercises and hope for the best. Proper exercise is an important factor in building the muscles you want. In the worst case, you could injure yourself or compromise your posture. Before you start, ask the instructor to show you how to practice. He or she can also give you other training tips.

2. The plan failed because it failed.

If you want to see immediate results, you need a good training program. This will help you stay focused on your goal. Without a plan, you'll miss out on your least favorite sports. But for better muscle building, it's important to work all of your muscle groups. Your training program should motivate you, not be a boring set of instructions. It guides you from one exercise to the next, keeps track of the work you do, and develops with you.

3. Practice your swing

Even beginners who have completed their introductory training with a trainer at a gym tend to rely on their body momentum to lift dumbbells or barbells. If you do, you will have less control over what you are doing and the risk of injury will be higher. It depends on your muscle strength.

4. Always work on the same muscles

Once you've been training for a few weeks, you'll know which sport you like best. Beginners tend to ignore their least favorite exercises. For example, they focus on the upper arms or chest because results can be seen quickly in these areas. They completely ignore their legs. This is bad news for everyone; Muscles developed in the same way usually don't grow, and neglected muscles don't grow either. The result is muscle imbalance. This is essential for getting a good whole body workout and is more suitable for beginners than anyone else. So, try to vary your weight training program.

5. Don't change the number of sessions.

Beginners are often under the illusion that the more weight training they do, the better. In fact, 8-15 reps per set is enough to build muscle. The number of exercises you do is far less important than the amount of time your muscles spend failing. If you always do 10 times, only 10 times, your progress will be stagnant. Instead, vary the amount of practice you do. The less you practice, the more weight you can use. The more repetitions and the lighter the weight, the more endurance you will improve. To optimize your training, change your training range every 4-6 weeks.

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6. Take long breaks between sets

Tap your smartphone, chat with your training partner, watch other bodybuilders -- all of these things can prevent you from reaching your goals if you do it for too long. In weight training, rest between sets is essential in order to restore your muscle contractions. But if you rest for much longer than your training schedule, you're just wasting time letting your muscles cool down.

7. Start weighing yourself

Your training plan tells you to work your triceps for the first six weeks with a certain weight that you feel is too light. Keep using it anyway! Your muscles need time to adjust to the new stimulation. At this stage, the most important thing is that your posture is correct, and the weight you lift is secondary. Once you have fully mastered the pose, you can move on to the next heavyweight class.

8. Fear barbells

Many beginners stick to dumbbells and ignore barbells. This is a mistake, as barbell exercises are also an effective tool for toning your whole body and adding muscle. They mimic the natural movement of the body. Adding variety to your workouts can help you reach your goals faster.

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9. Spend hours at the gym

It's a myth that the perfect training system involves spending hours in the gym. In general, do no more than 45 minutes of weight-bearing exercise. To avoid boredom, sit down with a trainer and devise a training program that works different muscle groups on different days. The length of the training is not as important as the quality of the exercise.

10. Skip your days off.

People who are new to weight training are often excited about their new workout regimen. But it's important to curb that enthusiasm and make sure weight training doesn't become a daily habit. Muscles grow when you rest, not when you lift weights. In the beginning, three times a week is enough. You can try different exercises on your days off to build up your strength. But stay completely inactive one day a week for the best recovery -- you'll be surprised at how strong you'll feel the next time you exercise!