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This is the day you train for: game day. You have been trained according to your plan. Your shoes are worn out and ready to wear. Before you get to the starting line, let's make sure your list is locked and loaded.

Get your gear ready.

You ran away. A lot of. So maybe that means you found a shirt and shorts combination you like. Make sure they're clean on race day - a lot of your stress may be mental, so knowing that the clothes you're wearing won't rub or rub is the biggest feat of all.

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Never show up hungry. Eat a well-balanced breakfast to tide you over. Carbohydrates are a good place to start. Oatmeal or bagel with peanut butter on top and a banana on the side will make you feel good. But eating and dressing are the same: try it in the morning before the game starts.

Clock drive driver

The race waits. There's gonna be traffic. To reduce your stress, you should have plenty of time to stop, warm up and stretch when you reach your destination. Also, if you're in a new place, you may want to take a practical trip so you know where you're going without getting confused.

Take one with you.

If you have to fly to a race, pack your race day essentials in your carry-on bag. The airline was very nice, but they lost one or two pieces of luggage.

Get your cheerleaders ready.

Signs? Check. On both sides? Check. A bunch of people Shouting your name? Check is! It may be your day, but it's best to celebrate with friends and family during the game. Print out a map and let them know the route ahead of time - race = road closures, so knowing the city is a plus.

Adjust the pace of

We get it. Game day is full of adrenaline. Especially the anticipation of getting started. But don't go too fast. Know your rhythm and stick to it. It may feel easy at first, but halfway through, you'll be glad you gave yourself a break. BP Watch helps you stay up to speed and meet your game-day goals.

Above all, don't forget to make the most of every mile. You've tried so hard!