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If you don't pay attention to cooling off in summer, it will lead to physical discomfort, but is there any way to cool off?

Eating to cool off the heat is a must-have method of summer health preservation. Therefore, what I will introduce to you today is the food to cool off the summer heat, so don't miss it.

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What to eat in summer to cool off

Green tea:

Green tea can improve metabolism and remove oil and greasy. This hot drink is ordinary, but it is good for health. Green tea is rich in antioxidants, which can speed up metabolism and help lose weight. It is a good choice for women. Therefore, no matter you are working or in your spare time, you can make a cup of green tea and enjoy its fragrance quietly.


Coffee can refresh you, and many people like to enjoy it in the morning. The caffeine in coffee can give you a boost and keep you energized. Caffeine raises your heart rate, which puts more oxygen in your blood, which in turn burns more calories. But remember, don't choose coffee with too much cream and sugar.


Grapefruit can speed up the metabolism and help burn more calories. This fruit prolongs digestion and increases satiety. Grapefruit is rich in fiber, which helps stabilize blood sugar levels. A study in the United States found that eating grapefruit has its unique weight loss effect.


Tomatoes are rich in vitamin A, which is good for vision protection and skin repair after sun exposure. It is better not to add sugar to cold tomatoes, otherwise the sweetness may affect appetite. Obese people, diabetics, and hypertensive patients should not eat cold tomatoes with sugar.

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