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Diet is crucial to our health. What kind of diet can be considered a healthy diet?

Here are 6 tips we co-authored for eating that can help us perform our daily tasks and keep our bodies and minds functioning—whether in the lab or in front of a computer screen—and be more productive at work. Lively and motivated.

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Tip1: Eat some healthy snacks in time

Eat something every once in a while to keep your blood sugar levels relatively high, but not soaring. For example, eating a piece of fruit every three hours or so can prevent hunger and excess consumption of calories. When you eat, learn to relax and try not to think about research; if you often stand in the laboratory, please sit down; See colleagues downstairs.

Tip 2: Add three meals to your schedule

Build meal times into your schedule, too—because if you don’t, someone else might “step in,” such as inviting you to a meeting.

Choose a time period that aligns with changes in your "biological clock" and hormones (such as insulin) to optimize metabolic health, including the diversity and composition of your microbiome. In other words, trust your instincts and eat when you feel your body needs it during the day, but in general, try to avoid eating lunch too late. Eating it earlier can improve your energy balance, weight regulation, blood sugar control and sleep satisfaction.

The brain uses about 20 percent of the body's total energy, so maintaining consistent energy levels is important to keep your body functioning optimally. Focus on what you eat at the scheduled time, take your time, and don’t “fool” yourself by grabbing a sandwich in front of a screen and gobbling it up. Your body deserves rest.

Tip 3: Enjoy food

Can be shared with colleagues to turn dining into an enjoyable event. It is recommended that you take turns preparing dishes from your own country or region so that you can enjoy different cultural cuisines together. Dining with a group and discussing the day's events can help you relax, laugh, and share useful information and experiences.

Tip4: Plan your diet reasonably

If you're feeling extra hungry, your eyes and hypothalamus won't help you make healthy food choices; instead, they'll prompt you to choose sweet, salty, or fatty foods.

Therefore, try to plan your meals well in advance. Increase your intake of low-calorie foods, such as soups, salads, vegetables, and minimally processed foods rich in dietary fiber, including whole grains, cereals, fruits, legumes, whole rice, and whole-grain pasta. These foods are rich in micronutrients and antioxidants such as potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin E, B vitamins, and healthy lipids, especially unsaturated omega-3s, which help prevent chronic disease.

Tip5: Enrich your diet

Stimulate your appetite with a variety of food choices, preferably by including more fruits and vegetables in your diet and reducing your intake of red meat and meat products. Every day should be a new dining experience. But that doesn't mean being a food connoisseur: Overthinking what to eat can take up your time and lead you to make compromises—choose something more tantalizing.

Okinawa Islands, Japan - one of the areas with the lowest incidence of chronic diseases in the world, where many centenarians live, there is a proverb: "Eat until you are 80% full". In other words, it means that you should eat slowly and avoid "overeating" yourself.

Tip 6: Drink plenty of water

Indoor air is usually dry (because of heating in winter and air conditioning in summer) and may accelerate water loss through breathing, so watch for signs of dehydration. Many health agencies recommend a daily intake of two liters of fluid. Drinking plenty of water increases your blood volume and brain fluid, which improves circulation and improves concentration levels.

Water is the fundamental carrier of all vital functions of the body. It also increases daily energy expenditure and satiety. Drinking water half an hour before meals is a particularly good choice.

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Eating a healthy diet allows us to approach each day with a good mental outlook. As a professional watch built for health, BP Smartwatch can monitor accurate blood pressure.