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On a first date with someone we like, we all want to make a good impression! Then you must be fully prepared, do your best in all aspects, and give the other party a perfect first impression! The editor has sorted out the preparations for the first date for everyone, let's take a look!

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1. Grooming

Be careful not to pay attention to clean appearance only on important occasions, but also to keep clean in daily life. For a first date, remember to dress neatly and look your best. You must choose clothes that suit you, and don't force yourself to wear popular clothes that don't suit you, as that will only backfire. In addition to dressing appropriately, you should also pay special attention to the smell on your body. The smell of fragrance can give the other party a good impression, on the contrary, the smell of sweat and too strong perfume will cause disgust.

2. Keep smiling

The smile when nervous is stiff. Your tension will also bring to the other party, and the conversation between two people may reach a deadlock. Only a natural and relaxed smile can make the other party feel your heart. Usually, you need to cultivate your ability to communicate with people, and impress each other with a bright smile.

3. Good self-cultivation

Good self-cultivation can bring people a pleasant experience. Studies have found that people who often say "thank you" and "sorry" are more likely to leave a good impression on others. A seemingly simple thing is actually a It takes one's own efforts on weekdays and making it a habit in order not to lose the chain at critical moments.

4. Location selection

Try not to choose a space that is too private for the first date. After all, you are only meeting for the first time. If it is in a very quiet place, it is likely to make you feel more nervous, and if it is cold, the whole scene will be disturbed. It's very dry, and there is no way to ease the atmosphere. Only after the relationship between the two has gradually stabilized, should you choose a private space. The best first date is a place where there are people nearby, for example, playgrounds, movie theaters, outdoors, etc. Or maybe you can hang out in various locations throughout the day without needing to be in the same place all the time.

5. Extra points

There are also some bonus points options to make a good impression on the other side. For example, bring a small gift to the other party, maybe it's just a small box of chocolates, maybe it's just an exquisite trinket, but it will make you feel very considerate. You can also prepare one or two jokes that are well told. At the right time, "I suddenly thought of a joke", forget it if you can't tell it well, you must be sure of the kind, of course, from the inside out A sense of humor is also important, and it's best when you can show your sense of humor in a normal conversation!


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