Smart watches

Accurate measurement..

  • Before testing, prepare to remove the airbag plug from the back of the watch, install the airbag, and install the airbag as shown
  • Noted:A poor airbag assembly will cause the measurement to fail.bp doctor airbag
  • Not too loose or too tight (watch placed on the back of the wrist, airbags naturally extend, cannot curl between the strap and wrist)BP DOCTOR MED SMART WATCH

Measurement precautions: 

  • The subjects sat comfortably, their legs were not crossed, their feet were flat, their backs, elbows, forearms were supported, their watches were as tall as their hearts, their hearts relaxed and they did not speak.
  • Note: Failure to observe the Measurement Precautions will result in inaccurate measurement results!
  • Click to enter the precision measurement mode, click to start the measurement, follow the watch prompts to adjust the posture, waiting for the me asurement. Please keep your watch as tall as your heart.BP DOCTOR MED SMART WATCH

The measurement begins:

  • This watch uses pressurized synchronous measurement technology to detect the measurer's blood pressure and pulse during the pressurization process, and complete the measurement at the sam time as the pressure is over. When the air pressure value increases, the blood pressure watch detects the pulse and begins to calculate the pulse on its own.bp doctor smart watch

Displays the measurement results: 

  • After the measurement is complete, the blood pressure watch automatically exhausts and then automatically

The cause and handling of the measurement failure:

  • Make sure that the strap and airbag are worn correctly.
  • Confirm that the airbag and its connections are tight and that there is a leak.
  • Make sure the airbag is curled between the strap and the wrist.
  • Whether the arms and body remain stationary when measuring.
  • Keep quiet during the measurement and do not speak.
  • After the determination is complete, wait 3 minutes for re-measurement. Note: When the airbag is over-inflated for long time and causes discomfort to the user, the user can untie the strap directly.


Consult your doctor for an explanation of the blood pressure measurement. For patients with diabetes, poor blood flow (e.g. varicose veins in the limbs) or stroke, use under the guidance of a medical professional. For patients with high blood pressure or other cardiovascular diseases,please refer your measurements to your doctor or to a medical professional who knows your condition. Self-judgment and self-treatment are dangerous and can lead to

Inaccurate wearing and use will result in inaccurate blood pressure measurements!

Quick measurements:

The photoelectric test method is quick and easy to test blood pressure, this data is for reference only. Requires greater accuracy Please use precise measurements for blood pressure testing.