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Brisk walking can help exercisers get rid of excess fat, thereby improving blood lipid levels and preventing fatty liver. It also reduces the risk of high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and promotes cardiovascular health.

It is recommended to do it four to five times a week for about half an hour each time. Pay attention to the time is not too long, especially don't for the wechat sports ranking and excessive exercise.


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Posture matters. Heart rate has a formula. The proper posture for a brisk walk is to keep your neck and shoulders relaxed, your head held high, and your hands moving from side to side at the pace of the walk. Keep your back straight and your stomach slightly in. Bend your body slightly forward as you walk. Keep your heels on the ground and your toes pushing off.

What speed should be maintained in brisk walking? There is a special formula for calculating heart rate, which can indicate whether the current speed is suitable for you. During the process, the optimal heart rate should be :(220- age) ×80%. For example, at the age of 20, his optimal heart rate is 160 beats per minute.

Warm up and gear up. Walk before the moderate warm up, start slowly, and then increase the speed when the foot has some heat. Slow down when you get to the finish line and don't stop right away.

Strong walking also requires perfect equipment: shoes that support the arch and heel and allow enough space for the toes to stretch, with thick, flexible soles; Wear loose, wicking clothes; Keep water with you.

In addition, be careful not to exercise in windy places, especially the elderly. Try to choose parks and other places with better environment, don't walk on the main road.


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The elderly are more likely to suffer from osteoporosis, weak muscle strength and cardiovascular diseases, so exercise with small amplitude and low intensity is appropriate. But even with such a campaign, one has to work within one's means. The most important thing for the elderly to exercise is to make a right choice according to their own physical conditions, and to "do" for the principle. At the same time, you should always monitor your heart rate and blood pressure. Using BP smartwatch will help you track fitness timely and effectively, so as to help you maintain your health.