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What could be more rewarding than working hard in the gym to finally get the body you've always dreamed of?

Let's take a look at how to strengthen the chest muscles!

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1. Bench press

If you want to strengthen your chest muscles, there is no better exercise than the bench press. The bench press can be performed on a dedicated bench press rack, or with dumbbells or a barbell. At its core, lie on your back horizontally, pushing the weight up and away from your body. However, it should be noted that if you choose to push dumbbells or barbells, you must find someone to protect you in case you accidentally drop the weight on your body. Accidents due to bench presses are not common. , but once it occurs, it can cause serious injury or even death.

Lie on your back on an exercise bench equipped with a barbell rack, adjust your body position so that the barbell rack is a little above your arms and chest, and then reach out to hold the barbell. At this time, the barbell bar and your arms and chest are in the same position On the same plane, slowly lower the weight, touching the chest lightly, and then push the bar back to the starting position. Repeat the movement, and when you feel exhausted, be sure to put the barbell back on the rack before finishing.

If you are exercising alone, it is highly recommended to use a bench press rack. These fitness machines have built-in safety measures that allow you to fully exercise your chest while reducing the risk factor of training alone.

2. Birds

This is a relatively less dangerous movement, because the movement process is that the weight in the hand slides from the sides of the body to the front of the chest in a semicircle, similar to the vibration of a bird's wings, so it is called "flying bird". Flying exercises can be done by lying flat on a bench with a pair of dumbbells, or by using professional fitness equipment.

If you choose to use dumbbells to perform bird movements, you need to lie flat on a bench, hold a dumbbell in each hand, bend your elbows slightly, open your hands to the sides of your body, and move your elbows while keeping your elbows still. The chest muscles pull weight from both sides simultaneously to the top of the chest, and then slowly lower them back to the sides, keeping the elbows steady the entire time.

3. Use an incline chair or a decline chair to fully exercise the chest

Almost every side of the chest is made up of a large fan-shaped muscle called the pectoralis major. Since this part of the muscles is not only very long, but also very wide, only by fully exercising each part can the overall muscles grow in a balanced manner, while the upper and lower muscles need to be exercised with an incline chair and a decline chair respectively activation.

The so-called incline chair is that the head of the chair is higher than the horizontal line. In other words, when you are doing a bird, the head position will be slightly higher than the leg position.

The reverse is also true, a decline chair is one in which the end of the chair is higher, and when you are exercising, the head position is lower than the leg position.

4. Training without equipment: push-ups

In fact, if you want to build a strong chest, you don't have to use fitness equipment. Push-ups are a classic chest training action that can be performed anytime and anywhere, and it can also exercise shoulders, abdomen, and triceps (depending on the strength of the chest). different from push-ups). There are many variations of push-ups, here are some common ones:

  • Conventional push-ups: palms facing down, leaning on the ground, bending arms on both sides of the body, pushing the palms to the ground to lift the body, note that only the palms and toes are in contact with the ground to support the body, keep the whole body as straight as possible, double Arms close to the sides of the body, then lower the body again, close to the ground, and repeat the action.
  • Simple version of push-ups: The action process is the same as regular push-ups, except that the knees can touch the ground.
  • Advanced push-ups: The action process is the same as regular push-ups, but the feet are placed on a chair or other objects with a certain height to increase the difficulty of the action.
  • Triangle push-up: The action is the same as the regular push-up, except that the hands are next to each other directly under the chest, and the two thumbs and two index fingers are replaced with a diamond shape (triangle).
  • One-handed push-ups: The action process is the same as regular push-ups, with one arm bent behind the back and one hand on the ground.
  • Clapping push-ups: The action process is the same as regular push-ups. When you prop up your body, clap your hands quickly in the air, and then return to the starting position.

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With these chest muscle exercises, you can better exercise and strengthen the chest muscles and promote good health. At the same time, BP Smartwatch's timer and other functions can help you better grasp the rhythm and time of exercise, so as to better execute the exercise plan.