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According to the National Sleep Foundation, approximately 90 percent of adults snore, regardless of age or gender.

Not only does it progressively worsen with age, it can lead to easy waking or restlessness during sleep, affecting not only you but your bed partner as well.

This article explores how simple changes to your lifestyle, especially your sleep habits, can help you significantly eliminate this common problem.

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1. Diet tips

① Low-salt diet Brazilian researchers found that a low-salt diet can help control snoring. The researchers analyzed that excessive intake of salt can easily lead to accumulation of body fluids. After lying down, body fluids will enter the neck during sleep, resulting in narrowing of the upper airway and increasing the risk of sleep apnea.

②Do not eat or drink before going to bed. Do not eat spicy food before going to bed. It is best not to drink milk. Dairy products may cause excessive mucus in the throat, which can block the airway and cause sleep apnea.

③Drink plenty of water When the body lacks water, the secretions in the nasal cavity and throat will become thicker, which can aggravate snoring. Adults should drink 1.5-2 liters of water a day, which is about 2-3 bottles of ordinary mineral water.

④ Quit smoking and alcohol Smoking and alcohol can irritate the upper airway, cause inflammation, and aggravate snoring. Especially alcohol, it can also paralyze the throat muscles and relax them, leading to airway obstruction. After drinking, there will be nervous excitement such as rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath, which will aggravate or induce snoring. It is recommended not to drink alcohol 4 hours before going to bed.


2. Lose weight

Obese people have a lot of fat attached around the airway, which affects the passage of airflow, so they are more likely to snore while sleeping. Weight control is the simplest and most effective way to deal with snoring.


3. Lying on your side

When sleeping in a supine position, the base of the tongue falls backwards, which can easily cause snoring. Therefore, it is recommended that people who often snore, especially obese people, do not lie on their backs to avoid airway obstruction, and can be adjusted to a side-lying position.


4. Keep the pillow high and replace it frequently

You can raise the pillow higher, but not too high, just the height of a fist, which can keep the lower jaw slightly raised and relieve snoring.

Pillows are easy to accumulate dust and breed mites. These allergens can induce or aggravate nasal congestion and cause or aggravate snoring.

If the pillow has been used for more than half a year, it is recommended to replace it with a new one, and the pillowcase and bed sheet should be washed with hot water every week to remove mites. Hard core pillows are not easy to cause snoring, but they should not be too hard. It is recommended to use buckwheat pillows with moderate hardness.


5. Sing

Studies have shown that playing musical instruments or singing can exercise upper airway muscles, expand the airway, and reduce the chance of snoring. Singing for 20 minutes a day for 3 months can reduce snoring.


6. Use a humidifier

Dry air can irritate the mucous membranes in the nose and throat, which can trigger or worsen snoring. If the bedroom is dry, it is recommended to use a humidifier before going to bed to keep the bedroom air moist.


7. Regular work and rest

Regular work and rest, early to bed and early to rise can also reduce snoring to a certain extent.


8. Keep the nasal cavity open

If snoring is caused by blocked nasal passages, using various methods to unclog the nasal passages can relieve snoring symptoms.

Taking a hot bath before going to bed, using a nasal rinse (rinse the nasal cavity with cold water when getting up early or before going to bed), and applying ventilation nasal strips (applied to the outside of the nasal cavity while sleeping) can help relieve symptoms.


9. Seek medical treatment in time to confirm the etiology and treatment

If someone in the family snores severely, always breathes with open mouth when sleeping, and suspects sleep apnea, you need to go to the hospital for respiratory and sleep monitoring examination in time, and follow the doctor's advice for treatment.

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