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The symptoms of chronic exposure to excessive stress vary from person to person. Even if you know the symptoms, it can be difficult to identify stress-related problems.

Here are five reasons you may not realize you're stressed.

There are many reasons why people don't always realize they're stressed. Here are some of the most common causes of hidden stress.

1. Stress isn't always
It's not just negative things that can cause stress. Excitement, anticipation of Christmas morning, and first date jitters are some of the common pleasurable emotional experiences that can cause physical stress. It's not always easy to notice the stress of positive things, but like chocolate cake, one good thing can be eaten too much.

2. Stress is not in your head.
Sometimes, stress is triggered by our environment, our consumption and our activities. Extreme temperatures and noisy environments can cause stress. Sometimes even our own relaxation methods can lead to stress. Alcohol is the most common counterfeit drug. You may feel relaxed after a few drinks, but your body is working overtime to cope with the effects of alcohol.
; However, regular exercise and good health can produce physiological adaptations and improve the body's ability to adapt to stress. So, in addition to other benefits, exercise is also a good way to reduce stress in the long run.

3. It feels like reality.
Sometimes it's hard to pinpoint where the stress is coming from because it may not be anything specific. Stressors aren't always something tangible that you can be sure of. For example, you may feel that your boss is unhappy with you. Whether it's true or not, low self-esteem can increase your stress level. And trying to compensate yourself by working longer hours and trying harder only makes things worse.

4. What matters is the overall load.
As mentioned earlier, stressors can be mental or physical, accompanied by negative or positive emotions. Often, stress is not caused by one big factor, but by smaller ones. Little things add up to big things.

If you're having a hard time at work, it's not always wise to fill your free time with high-intensity exercise and other activities that cause stress. Instead, go for a walk and relax for a while. The more stress in your life, the more you need to focus on good recovery to create a proper balance.

5. High stress is the new normal.
Unfortunately, you may be so used to stress that you don't notice anything wrong. Or maybe you just accepted it. You may think that busy schedules and being overwhelmed are a normal part of life. They shouldn't.

When hidden stresses come to the fore, it's easier to make smarter, more personal decisions. Remember, your ultimate goal isn't to eliminate stress (that's impossible). Instead, focus on the stresses in your life and use that insight to guide your lifestyle choices and daily decisions.

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