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In the hot summer, "eating" has become a very troublesome problem: the weather is too hot, and many people have no appetite; eating too much cold food is easy to diarrhea; eating too greasy is easy to upset the stomach... Diet Unscientific has put a red light on our health, which will more or less affect our work and study.
So, how to arrange our summer diet reasonably to get through this long summer easily and healthily? We must achieve the "five major attentions".

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Note 1: Be light and eat less meat

Frequently eating greasy and spicy food will cause you'suo'sun'hai to your body. So no matter in which season you should focus on a light diet, especially in summer. Only in this way can the occurrence of gastrointestinal diseases be prevented.

Light diet: The staple food should be mainly whole grains, and the non-staple food should be mainly beans, vegetables, fruits, and fungi. However, a light diet does not mean a completely vegetarian diet. Meat contains essential protein for the human body, and if it is not eaten, it will cause malnutrition, so a small amount of lightly cooked meat should be eaten. It is best to have low-fat high-quality protein such as eggs, milk, fish and shrimp.

Note 2: All five flavors, less sweet

Food culture emphasizes the five flavors, and having all the five flavors can stimulate people's appetite. Summer is the season when people are prone to loss of appetite, so we can also cleverly use this principle to appetize when eating.

In summer, the climate is hot and humid. Bitter foods such as bitter gourd, lettuce, and asparagus can clear away heat and relieve fire, strengthen temper and remove dampness. If you sweat too much in summer, especially after engaging in physical activities, you need to add salt in time. In summer, the diet is relatively light, and a small amount of pickles can also increase appetite. In addition, summer sweats a lot and is the most likely to lose body fluids. Drinking more water will dilute gastric juices. Eat some fruits and foods, such as tomatoes, lemons, strawberries, dark plums, grapes, etc., which can suppress sweat and promote body fluids, strengthen the stomach and eliminate food, and prevent sweating excessive. And if you add some vinegar to the dishes, it can also be sterilized, and it can prevent the occurrence of gastrointestinal diseases in summer. However, too much sweetness will produce dampness and phlegm and affect appetite. In summer, the climate is humid and hot, and the human body is prone to dampness. Overeating sweetness will increase dampness and heat, causing stomach bloating and not wanting to eat, so it is not suitable to overeat sweetness in summer .

Note 3: Eat less and arrange well

Dietary moderation must first prevent overeating. Pay particular attention to dinner. Because eating too much dinner will increase the burden on the stomach, abdominal distension, indigestion and other phenomena, and affect sleep. Especially for the elderly and children, their digestion ability is not strong, and it is even worse in summer. If they overeat, it is difficult to digest, and it is easy to damage the spleen and stomach, leading to stomach problems.

Food is originally nourishing the human body, so don't make it counterproductive and harm the righteousness of the human body because of intemperance. In addition, pay attention to the time and distribution of three meals. Breakfast should be around 7 o'clock, lunch around 12 o'clock, and dinner around 18 o'clock.

Note 4: Boiled water is also a treasure

Although cold drinks are cold, they have high calories. A cup of cool and refreshing drink does quench your thirst, but at the same time, you also drink a lot of sugar. Iced beverages tend to irritate the intestines and cause indigestion, especially people with poor spleen and stomach should pay more attention. In summer, boiled water is the best drink, which can relieve thirst and replenish body water without burdening the body.


Note 5: Hygienic food, healthier

In summer, especially long summer, the hot flashes are especially suitable for the breeding and reproduction of bacteria and viruses. In addition, people drink a lot of water in summer, the stomach acid is diluted, and the defense function of the digestive tract is weakened, so they are particularly prone to enteritis, dysentery and other digestive tract infectious diseases. Therefore, we must pay attention to developing good food hygiene and personal hygiene habits. Do not buy spoiled ingredients. It is best to cook and eat food right away. Overnight food should be fully heated before eating. Raw melons and fruits should be cleaned and disinfected. When making cold dishes, garlic paste and vinegar should be added, which can not only season, but also sterilize, and also increase appetite.

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