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Start with diet control to make yourself thinner and healthier! 7 high-discussion "rapid weight loss diets" are sorted out, including the more difficult intermittent fasting, the apple weight loss method favored by actresses, and the simple version of healthy meal plates, etc. Let's take a look...

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Menu 1. Apple diet

If you want to lose weight in the short term, you can try the "apple diet". In these 3 days, apples are used to replace the staple food, with water or non-calorie, low-stimulation tea to achieve rapid weight loss, and after three days, the body will feel lighter.

It must be noted that although the "apple weight loss method" can quickly achieve weight loss, it is not suitable for long-term implementation, and may have side effects of dizziness. You must evaluate your physical condition, or take an appropriate amount of olive oil to avoid Constipation problems.

Menu 2. GM diet

"GM diet" does not require exercise, and can lose about 4.5 to 8kg in a week. The effect is very impressive! Through 7-day diet control, maintain a healthy diet, supplement a lot of fruits and vegetables, protein, and drink 8-12 glasses of water every day to help the body detoxify quickly.

Day 1: Eat only fruit.

Day 2: Eat only boiled or raw vegetables, potatoes, beans.

Day 3: Eat only vegetables and fruits.

Day 4: Bananas only, with 4 cups of milk.

Day 5: 6 tomatoes, 1 bowl of brown rice, 1 fish or chicken (protein).

Day 6: 1 bowl of brown rice, vegetables, 1 serving of chicken.

Day 7: 1 bowl of brown rice, fruits and vegetables, fruit juice.

Menu 3.168 Fasting method

The recent popular intermittent fasting is a must-try diet for many fitness enthusiasts when losing fat! The so-called 168 means eating 8 hours a day and fasting 16 hours a day. During the 8 hours you can eat, you should not overeat. You must choose high-protein, healthy fats. During the fasting period, you can drink water or have nothing Sugar tea, black coffee.


Menu 4. Liquid fasting

"Liquid fasting method", as the name suggests, is to only eat "liquid" food during the execution period, such as milk, soy milk, fruit juice, vegetable soup, etc., with a lot of water. It should be noted that the heat must be controlled within the basal metabolism.

The liquid fasting method recommends that you usually eat processed foods, eat less fruits and vegetables, or eat a big meal the day before, which can help the stomach rest, detoxify, and reduce the burden on the body.

Menu 5.211 Healthy plate

If you feel that fasting is really too difficult to implement, you can adjust it from the diet "ratio". "211 Healthy Dinner Plate" can achieve the effect of losing weight without starving. The food intake is divided into three types: vegetables, whole grains, and protein, creating a healthy and weight-loss dinner plate!

Vegetables: 1/2

Whole grains: 1/4

Protein: 1/4

Menu 6.21-day diet

The "21-day weight loss method" divides weight loss into three stages, namely the "detoxification period" for the first 3 days, the "fat reduction period" for the middle 8 days, and the "stabilization period" for the last 10 days. By developing a new eating habit in three weeks, the appetite will also become smaller.

Phase 1 "3-day detoxification period": only drink warm water or honey water.

The second stage "8-day fat reduction period": mainly vegetables and fruits, with eggs and sugar-free soy milk.

Stage 3 "10-day stable period": Adhere to a healthy diet for 10 days, and do not eat after 6 o'clock.

Menu 7. Drinking water to lose weight

"Drinking water to lose weight" is not just about drinking water, but drinking a glass of about 250ml of water at a fixed time and according to the time period to help the body metabolize and detoxify. Even a nutritionist recommends it. Sufficient water intake can also help to lose fat and reduce belly fat!

First cup: drink water after getting up, detoxification and beauty.

Second cup: 9:00 in the morning, to improve vitality.

The third cup: 11:30 noon, full stomach to lose weight.

The fourth cup: 1 pm, to promote digestion.

Fifth cup: 3:30 pm, relieve fatigue.

Sixth cup: 5:30 p.m., full stomach and weight loss.

Seventh cup: at 7 o'clock in the evening, promote metabolism.

Eighth cup: at 9 o'clock in the evening, promote blood circulation and help sleep.
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Losing weight through diet is not difficult, but it must be consistent. If you want to monitor calories and remind yourself to drink water, BP Smartwatch is a good choice.