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"Don't eat after exercising, it's easy to get fat!" "Don't eat before exercising, or you will easily get nausea during exercise!" You must have heard many remarks like this. The sky full of information makes you dazzled when you just started exercising, and you can't judge which statement is correct.

In order to lose weight quickly, many people will deliberately exercise hungry, or do not eat after exercise. However, if they do not supplement their diet properly, they will not be able to grow muscles, and their circulation and metabolism in the body will also be greatly reduced.
Diet time and food content before and after exercise are very important. Eating right can fully repair your muscles, but eating wrong may have the opposite effect.

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Before Cardio

If you are 6 or 7 points full, you don’t need to take special food. If you really want to eat, eat at least 2 hours before exercise, so that the food can be fully digested and ready for the next exercise.

The dietary principle is carbohydrate: protein = 3:1
The recommended food before and after aerobic exercise is carbohydrates: protein = 3:1. Carbohydrates are an important source of physical strength. If you replenish them in a timely manner, you will not have soreness the next day; while protein is responsible for muscle repair.

For example, 2 slices of toast plus an egg in a convenience store, or 2 bananas plus a tablespoon of whey protein, almost meets this ratio. In addition, you can actually eat the submarine fort from Subway, a chain fast food restaurant, because its nutritional ratio just meets the standard of 3:1.



Eat and drink within 30 minutes of exercising

Experiments in the past have found that if you eat only 3 or 4 hours after exercise, the energy of the food will not go to the place where you exercise, but will be stored in the lower abdomen and stored as fat; Immediately getting what it deserves, not adequately repairing it, results in muscle soreness the next day.

Therefore, it is recommended to eat and drink within 30 minutes after exercise. Some people worry that eating carbohydrates will make them fat, but carbohydrates before and after exercise are less likely to turn into fat. As long as there is exercise, you can rest assured and eat normally within the time limit. In terms of carbohydrates, you can eat whole grains, such as brown rice and oats, or you can use sweet potatoes and pumpkins as staple foods.

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Proper diet is very important when exercising. At the same time, equipment is also of great significance to sports. BP Smartwatch can monitor your blood oxygen, respiratory rate, blood pressure, heart rate, calories and more.