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As temperatures drop, we often find ourselves reaching for the thickest quilt available, perhaps even adding an extra blanket for good measure. Wrapped snugly in layers, we experience a sense of comfort and security that seems to enhance sleep quality. But does quilt thickness truly impact how well we sleep?

For individuals struggling with insomnia, the cocoon-like sensation created by a thick quilt can reduce arousal and physical awakenings, promoting easier and more restful sleep. This sense of envelopment can provide a feeling of safety and comfort, helping to alleviate tension and anxiety. Moreover, it may reduce external noise and disturbances, fostering a more serene sleep environment.

Research suggests that a thick quilt can stimulate the body's sensory systems, increasing tactile and temperature stimuli, thus promoting sleep. Additionally, a thick quilt offers better support, reducing pressure and discomfort, aiding in achieving deeper sleep.

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A study published by the European Sleep Research Society in 2022 found that using a heavier quilt can boost the secretion of melatonin, the sleep hormone, leading to more restful sleep. Similarly, US researchers have noted that using a quilt weighing between 6-8 kg can improve sleep quality and alleviate insomnia.

Why does a heavy quilt promote increased melatonin secretion?

European researchers speculate that the pressure from a heavy quilt may stimulate the skin's sensory nerves, triggering melatonin secretion. Some researchers also believe that the sense of safety and relaxation induced by a heavy quilt can promote sleep onset. However, the true reasons behind why heavy quilts lead to better sleep remain a mystery, known only to the body itself.

Is it true that the heavier the quilt, the better the sleep?

Overly thick quilts can create a sense of oppression, potentially affecting normal breathing and leading to symptoms like vivid dreams due to insufficient oxygen intake. Moreover, excessively heavy quilts may strain the heart.

How to choose the right quilt:

Quilt thickness should be chosen based on the season and climate. In cold winters, a thicker quilt can maintain body warmth. In warmer seasons, a lighter quilt can ensure comfort.

The quilt's material is also crucial. Generally, materials such as cotton and down are suitable for most people.

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Choose a quilt that weighs no more than 10% of your body weight, e.g., for a person weighing 50 kg, a quilt weighing no more than 5 kg is recommended. Additionally, a quilt should have good breathability, and it should be aired regularly under the sun. Avoid focusing solely on thickness while neglecting breathability. If you feel your quilt is too light, consider a denser quilt cover or adding a blanket for extra weight.

Ultimately, the best quilt is one that suits your needs. The choice of quilt depends on factors such as temperature, personal preferences, and health status. Sleeping under a heavy quilt can provide superior insulation, keeping you warm and aiding in reaching deep sleep states. Deep sleep is essential for various bodily functions, including fatigue recovery, immune enhancement, and memory consolidation.

In the chilly winter months, enjoying a cozy night's sleep under a warm quilt is truly a luxury. May you enjoy a peaceful sleep until dawn. Goodnight.

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