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​The Tour de France, classic British Columbia downhill, and an epic ride through the middle of the American wilderness.

This list of cycling routes can bring you the best cycling experience.

This is a subjective list and everyone has their preferences, so don't get too excited.

Although the bicycle is essentially a means of transportation, everyone fantasizes about riding through the European countryside and pristine wilderness.

Is not it?

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1. Colle de Finestre

Location: Italy, Piedmont

Features: road, climbing

Mileage: 17.7 kilometers

Introduction: The Dolomites in northern Italy are very nice, but that's not all of Italy. Located in the Piedmont region of northwest Italy, there are also many places for climbing, and at the same time, it is integrated into the Italian cycling culture. Depart from the town of Susa in the western Alps to the town of Finstrelle. Among them, Colle de Finestre must go, the whole journey is 17.7 kilometers, the average slope is 9%, and the climb is 1694 meters.

2. 403 to 401

Location: Coronet Peak, Colorado, USA

Features: Mountain off-road, single track

Mileage: 29 kilometers

Introduction: At its best, off-road trails are about beautiful scenery and tons of fun. The 403 to 401 at Coronet Peak is undoubtedly one of the best off-road routes. There is a natural atmosphere everywhere, natural single-track dirt roads and slope protection, and there are several steep slopes. At the same time, as you walk through the wildflowers, the tall wildflowers will slap your hands, elbows, and even shoulders, which is a strange and beautiful hug.

3. Barry-Roubaix

Location: Hastings, Michigan, USA

Features: Gravel roads, races

Mileage: 35, 58, 100 or 160 km

Introduction:  Organizers of the Barry-Roubaix circuit claim it's the world's largest gravel road cycling race, with 3,500 competitors. In fact, this is not so much a race as it is a carnival of bicycles. In the crowded bicycle group, all cyclists are excitedly saying goodbye to winter and welcoming a new cycling season. We really liked it, especially one of the 160km routes called "Psycho Killer". The organizers have put together a comprehensive route map, and you can plan your route according to your preferences.

4. Mount Taranaki Circuit (Mount Taranaki Circuit)

Location: New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand

Features: road, travel, racing

Mileage: 124 kilometers

Introduction: We recommend this route not only because of its beautiful scenery, but also the unique Maori culture of New Zealand and the enthusiasm of New Zealanders. The route circles the 2,518-meter-high Mount Taranaki, climbing 1,400 meters. In the southern hemisphere summer, you can always do it alone. But if you want to make the journey more memorable and immerse yourself in the local culture, sign up for the Taranaki Bike Challenge, which takes place every January.

5. Swiss Epic

Location: Switzerland, Graubünden

Features: mountain cross-country, competitions

Mileage: 250 kilometers

Introduction: There's a reason why the best mountain bikers in the world come from Switzerland these days. The canton of Graubünden has more than 16,000 kilometers of off-road routes through pine forests, fairy-tale villages and up to barren alpine ridges. The Swiss Epic race lasts five days and is 250 kilometers long. Professional mountain bikers have been telling us that the Swiss Epic is the hardest mountain track, both technically and intensely.

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