Other Questions About how to use bp doctor watch

1. How to turn on the band (or watch)?

Press and hold the power button of the band (or watch) 3 seconds or charge it until light up. If it cannot be turned on normally, please confirm whether the band (or watch) needs to be charged.

2. Where can I download the App?

The App mainly has the following download methods:

2.1 Apple users can search “App” and download it from APP STORE.

2.2 Android users can search App through Open Platform and Huawei App Market.

2.3 Scan the QR code on the packaging box (or the QR code on the manual)

3. Which brand of phones are compatible with the APP?

For now, our App supports most of the phones currently. The iPhone system version requires I0S 8.0 and above, and the Android phone system version requires Android 6.0, Bluetooth 4.0 and above.

4. Why does the App need to obtain access to mobile phone storage, location, phone,etc.?

App needs to use Bluetooth, storage, network and other functions. According to Android or I0S system requirements, App needs to obtain storage, location, phone and other related permissions to provide normal services. Since you log in the first time, be sure to follow the App prompts and choose to always allow the use of relevant permissions, otherwise the App may not be able to be used.

5. How to save power?

Reduce the frequency and time of the Bluetooth connection with the mobile phone, turn off unnecessary notifications or the function of raising the wrist to brighten the screen to save power and extend battery life.

6. Is the band (or watch) waterproof?

The waterproof rating of the bracelet (or watch) is IP67, and splashing in your daily life will not affect the use of the device. It is not recommended to wear it when swimming, sauna or bathing.

7. Can I wear my band on my right hand?

Yes, but it is not recommended to wear it on the right hand, because the left hand is closer to the heart and the ECG signal is stronger. At the same time, according to the principle of pulse diagnosis in Chinese medical the meaning of the pulse of the left and right hands will be different. The monitoring data of the band (or watch) and the background AI are based on the left hand data, so it is recommended to wear it within the left hand.

8. Is the luminous body of the band (or watch) harmful to the human body?

The LED light-emitting tube of the band (or watch) will emit green light intermittently during the detection process, which is mainly used to sense human heart rate, blood pressure, and pulse signals. The light does not contain infrared, ultraviolet, radioactive rays. Those kind of functions have very low luminous brightness, which does not cause any damage to the human body.

9. Are the electrodes on the band (or watch) harmful to the human body?

The electrode pads on the band (or watch) are used to collect the bio-electric signals of the human body, and they do not discharge to the outside. The electrode of the product does not generate current and voltage, so there is no harm to the human body.

10. Why is the back of the band glowing green light automatically?

The green light is the band that attempts to monitor the heart rate. If you turn on the heart rate monitoring asthmatically, the band will glow automatically. Our band uses the current mainstream optical heart rate monitoring, please use it assured.

11. Why my band doesn’t light up the screen when I touched the button of it?

Normally you can light up the screen if you touched electrodes. If you cannot light up the screen, please take the following methods to judge:

11.1 Make sure that the band is charged, if there is no power, please charge the band for at least ten minutes and try again;

11.2 When the band is charged, you can try to touch the screen or press the button and then see if there is any response;

11.3 When the band is connected to the App, please open the APP and click the ECG test ==> start button ==> to start the measurement. When the ECG interface of the band is on the screen, observe whether it will enter the measurement process.

11.4 When the band is connected with the APP, please open the APP and click Exercise ==> Start ==> viewing the movement interface of the screen, observe whether it will enter the exercise process.

11.5 When the band is connected with the APP, please open the APP, click Settings==>Set Configuration==>Anti-lost Settings==>Vibration==>Check if the band lit ==> find the band interface displayed. If the screen still fails to light up after trying the above methods, please contact the dealer to send the band back for testing.

12. Is the screen not sensitive when lifting the wrist?

Consider of your unconscious raising of your wrist during use, such as stretching your arms while sleeping, we have partially restricted the display of your wrist. When the screen of the wristband is down, twist your wrist so that the screen is up to light up the screen normally. It is recommended that you try a few more times to control the best angle of raising your wrist.

13. Does the Bluetooth of the mobile phone need to be turned on all the time while wearing the band?

13.1 The three functions of step counting, sleep counting and alarm clock do not need to be connected to the mobile phone all the time. If you only need to wear the band during exercising, connect the band and mobile phone to view the data synchronously after workout;

13.2 Alarm clock: This function is written into the band when setting the App. After setting, the alarm clock does not need to be connected to the phone via Bluetooth; To remind of incoming calls and find the band, you need to turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone and keep the connection with the mobile phone.

14. Can patients with implanted cardiac pacemakers use it?

Yes. The ecg detection does not need to artificially load the body with current, but it’s just a passive detection device. Tips:

14.1 In order to improve your experience, please update the app to the latest version in the App Store or scan the QR code on time;

14.2 One-click memory or some housekeeping software may clean up the process or block for Android system, please add App to the white-list. 

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